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  • EAGLE-1

    I used to post in a forum much like this years ago.Thought I would jump in this one.I have visited here several times and browsed your posts.I have enjoyed reading your posts and will be in here to read more and sometimes comment.Looks like everyones said the usual JW stuff and my stories would be just more of what you all have been through or know of.It appears our histories are the same.Now its time to make our own history.Glad to be a part of this family in this forum.I really enjoy the great sense of humor many of you have.I have been laughing ever since I left the Borg society.I tend to be satirical and I like to make people laugh.Sometimes I can be damn right cold and mean but mostly to those that force their religious beliefs on others whether its crashing planes into buildings or 'placing ' magazines.They are all the same to me.Simply- if it hurts it is wrong.Thanks for allowing me this membership.Hello to all my new Brothers and Sisters and I bet real LOVE.

  • Legolas
  • EAGLE-1

    Oh I do not live in Algeria or Idaho.Can not seem to get that geographical part of my profile to work.

  • candidlynuts

    welcome ! glad you have a sense of humor.. i laugh at anything . is that a sign of madness?

  • EAGLE-1

    Yes it is a sign [of madness] I think but I am on meds for that.Never make a suicide joke to a doctor they get real nervous and start printing you out prescriptions.But seriously I was joking about it and not gonna do it.I would miss my family and my computer.

  • candidlynuts

    eh..cant have too many " happy " pills.. enjoy the meds.

    and i'm of the opinion that there has to be internet in the afterlife.

  • greendawn

    Welcome and nice to see you joining the forum, hope to see you posting loads.

  • Clam

    Hi there EAGLE-1 and welcome to the forum. Don’t think that telling your stories will be pointless because they’re similar to others’. Everyone’s is different and anyway it helps people on here to get to know you.

  • serendipity

    Hi eagle1, welcome to the forum!


    HI and Welcome!!!


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