Do you still believe in JEHOVAH?

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  • lowden

    Further to the thread that Minimus stated about 'still believing'....what i want to know is do any of you stil believe in JEHOVAH? That is, the named god of the bible that sanctioned the genocide of millions of unbelievers. As the Israelites came into the 'promised land' god told them to devote to destruction 7 populous nations and not let a breathing thing live, or in other words commit genocide!!! Kill babies, tiny toddlers, kids...slit their them through with the them through the streets screaming for their mothers. I remember reading in the 'insight' books that there were about 3 million people in those 7 nations....3 MILLION!!!! I can't personally believe in that god...he disgusts me to the core, a crazed murdering maniac!! There are many other inhuman things he sanctioned and perpetrated.

    I've raised this briefly before, but just thought i'd put it out there as a thread. Do you still believe in Jehovah? If can you?



  • Satanus



  • Gretchen956

    Not just no, but HELL no.


  • Balsam

    An excellent book on this matter is "Jehovah Unmasked" by Nathaniel Merritt, I think it puts the true face on this God that we tried so hard to justify.


  • greendawn

    Jehovah is a God that belongs to the old testament and the apostles never used that name. And no one did until the JWs brought up this name and made it central in their worship.

    I gave up long ago using it and put a lot more gravity on the name of Christ.

  • IP_SEC

    I do not believe in cowards who kill people with hail stones, pestilence, earth swallowings, floods, or armageddons whilst sitting on a throne far away from any danger.

    I do not believe in cowards who hide behind thousands of words thousands of years old. Come out already.

    If I did believe in Jehovah, she would look something like Alanis Morriset.

  • CountryGuy

    I believe in God. But not the god of the WTS.

    If I did believe in Jehovah, she would look something like Alanis Morriset.

    LOL! You know, I'll have that image in my head forever now! LOL!


  • hartstrings

    I wondered this question aloud about a year ago after I really started emerging from the "fog." I still am very confused even though I've read a lot of info on the topic. I sincerely don't understand how some people believe the Bible yet don't believe in the Hebrew god, Jehovah. I am sincerely confused on how some can detach the Hebrew scriptures from the Greek.

    Honestly, I have felt like giving up lately. It depresses me to think that the deity whose image I was created in could possibly murder whole societies of people. That he would view some of his human creation as not deserving of the best of life (slaves and/or women). But honestly, all my studies bring me back to the fundamental notion that in order to believe in a higher power, a creator, I need to believe in all that was written about him. I can't just pick and choose which scriptures I like. When I try to reason that the Bible is just a story, then I'm left feeling confused too because I can't dismiss the thought that there was intelligence that went into our creation. I give up. I can hardly live with the thought that the god of the Bible made me. I am disgusted by it.


  • free2beme

    I believe in "spirit" and a more higher power. Just not a individual like Jehovah. I don't see gods sitting on throwns.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey...Yes, I still believe in Jehovah...I don't know what the Caananites were like. Maybe they were all diseased with AIDS or something..I also think that God is changing and evolving to a better personage, just like we do. I know the Caananites were sacrificing their babies and involved in a lot of unclean acts. I know I don't know all the facts...

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