I'm a newbie!!

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  • Country_Woman


    1. Give his address to various mail-order cults. http://www.tomorrowsworld.org/orderfree.shtml
    2. Visit his Kingdom Hall. Shake hands with all the suited dudes. Casually mention that you are "old friends" with so-and-so, but you've both moved on. You are merely visiting for curiosity sake. Take all literature offered, but turn down the personal bible study. Mention an adorable habit or affectation that he has, and laugh. Tell the elders they have a very interesting church.
    3. I'll think of more later...

    That sounds delicious (revenge is sweet ain't it ?)

  • Country_Woman

    ^ but not for long I think..

    welcome Poodles and may that heart be fixed soon.....

  • jgnat

    Poor poodles.

    My revenge strategy won't work if you are still hung up on him.

    I think you have to work out your own hormones before you go off and study the Witnesses to "better understand him."

  • Poodles

    Hello guys and gals

    There is no way i will be a JW nor will i study with them, i don't even go to my own church, i stopped going when i was 15!! I just don't understand his way of thinking/acting!! He doesn't like to talk about hisself or his past! We were together two years before i could get him to "open up" and even then he didn't want to say anything!! After i told his exwife about us he doesn't even trust me to be alone in his apartment! Gee! I wonder why?? How does one know if they are really in love or just in lust?? Since i've never been in love, i'm just not sure! In the beginning of our relationship i accepted the fact that he didn't love me and never said he did but as the years went by i have allowed it to bother me! These things i'm saying reminder me of the ole saying "there's no fool like an old fool", i guess i fit the bill on that one!!

  • jgnat

    Here it is put simply.

    He orbits the watchtower society like an old moon, and every thought and action, even when he is trying to break away, is about the society.

    You orbit him. Every thought and action, even when you are trying to break away, is about him.

    Why try and understand him? He's been bad news since he met you.

    Fall in love again with another guy.

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