A question on the Central Wisconsin Apostate Hotbed Activity!

by TooOpinionated 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • silentWatcher

    Marshfield is like "Jehovah's Brothel!

    Thanks for the info about Madison. I was just curious, since I haven't seen any KHs in my travels around town.

    Not interested in going to a KH in Madison, but Marshfield sounds kind of interesting! :-)


  • ithinkisee

    IS there an online link to this creepy elder? I would love to print out that article and add to my files.


  • ButtLight

    I havent read everyones posts yet, but I was wondering the same thing. How long before I get a call, email, or a knock on my door? Its a known fact that I hang out with apostates. And have been told by family members that when we get together, not to talk about my apostate shi*. But, I am not the phantom mailer lol!

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