Share your most embarassing moments

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  • collegegirl21

    LMAO Steve... you take the cake!

  • GodisRight
    LMAO Steve... you take the cake!

    No, the cake goes to you and the machine


    Wed bending over in the bathroom without a roof with the you guy looking down

  • stevenyc

    Another embarrassing moment happened during my early twenties. I'd been out of the truth for a few years, and this was reflected in my lifestyle. As an avid guitarist I joined a few bands, turned 'grunge' and sported long hair. Or, as I viewed it, my crown of defiance. I finally found out what its like to have split-ends, and enjoyed the embarrassment of guys wolf-whistling me be mistake.

    Well, after a while I decided to get a hair cut. But, what to have. I still wanted some length, and it had to maintain rebellion. What I needed was a professional hair stylist, with attitude to provide the necessary image.

    My sister-in-law had the solution. She has this guy who regularly comes around to her place to style her hair. He worked at a Vidal Sassoon studio in London, and performs extra cuts on the side to get a little beer money. She informed me he had been in the hair-cutting biz for years and 'knows' A-list people. Fantastic! Phones calls were exchanged, and the date was set.

    On the night of the cut, I gave him directions on the kind of look I wanted, he listed off a few people that had a similar style. I could not fail in the hands and scissors of this artistic genius. I sat on a stool in the kitchen and he goes to work.

    There is a forest of hair developing around my feet. As I have no mirror I become a little concerned. He assures me that it looks like more than is coming off. Towards the end of the cut, my brother enters the scene from work. They say 'a picture is worth a thousands words'. His face was a picture.

    So... He finishes and I go to the bathroom to admire his work. The butterfly is emerging from the chrysalis.

    O M F G !!!!

    What has he done to the grunge guitarist ????

    I am now donning a geriatric blue-rinse cut, without the blue. I'm devastated.

    A friend turns up while I'm trying to hold back the tears, takes one looks, and says, "Steve, you've turned Greek !"

    The following morning I enter work. I haven't felt this scared since joining a new school as a kid. UPRAW! The worst of it was when the entire IT Support team came to see me. Imagine 20 guys, standing around me in a semi-circle, pointing, and laughing.

    When I returned from launch, I had a large print caricature of me holding a hand vanity mirror saying :'It will look great in six months, he was a professional.". The piece was entitled 'Le Poodle, le "stevenyc'".


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