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  • GodisRight
    My most embarrassing moment was my dad finding - well I'll just give you the story. I am at my apt one day and my dad calls, he says, "Shay, we found something very disturbing under your bed." They usually go under my bed to get the sewing kit, so I thought it must have been underwear or dirty socks or one of my cosmo magazines. I said, "What did you find?" He says, "I prefer not to say, but I would like for you to leave this sort of thing at your house and actually, you shouldn't even own this." At that point, I was so confused thinking, what could it be. Well my mom is in the background yelling, "Tommy! Tommy, put it back!!!!!! Put it back!!! Don't touch it." All of a sudden, my dad screams to my mom, "BRENDA, HOW DO YOU TURN THIS THING OFF?" zzz ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ - THOSE Z'S SIGNIFY THE FASTEST SPEED ON MY VIBRATOR! I just hang up the phone. I come and get it next time I am home and my dad says, "We will trust you to take proper actions with that thing that is under your bed. Jehovah doesn't like that sort of thing and that is detesable in his eyes." Needless to say, its in my drawer at my apt. Hey, I get lonely sometimes too :)

    You remind me of my older sister when I found a BIG dildo in her closet. She could not lie to me fast enough!

  • rimbaudbunuel

    My most embarassing moment was when me and DigitalFokus were making out and my mom walked in on us and remarked "Digital for such a big guy you are so small".

  • Dismembered

    One of my most embarassing moments was walking across my neighbors lawn who were having work done to septic tank/cesspool. I knew it was dug up and opened, but as the sun was beginning to set I had a mental lapse and forgot it was there, and proceeded to fall right into it waste deep. Shcnip. What a long walk home.


  • delilah

    My husband said I could share one of his most embarrassing moments, since he doesn't know anyone here.

    He was 16, his buddies took him to Tijauna, Mexico to celebrate. He was so pi$$ed up, he got robbed of $100.00 by this older woman who was giving him a lap dance (she even had rollers in her hair,) and he and his friends ended up arrested. They spent the night in a Mexican jail...he stumbled and his leg got caught in the toilet that was overflowing with, uh, crud, shall we say. He passed out, and the next morning, he and his buddies got a bus to San Diego. none of his friends would sit near him, because he smelled like crap.

  • omerp

    While I was taking a shower one afternoon my friend happened to drop over to visit. I didn't hear him come in so when I was done my shower, I just came out butt naked thinking it was just me and the wife at home alone and there he was standing right in front of me! I know its just another guy but its still very embarasing!

  • damselfly

    This isn't my most embarrasing ( that will stay ) but it was pretty bad at the time.

    I was 15 or 16 and wearing a bathing suit at the beach. I was helping to look after a toddler. He wanted me to pick him up and when I did he grabbed my bathing suit strap and totally exposed me! I was mortified there was a big group ( okay really only 3 ) of guys my age there and they saw everything.


  • Poodles

    One day i got on the city bus and i didn't know that some buttoms had come unbuttoned, i am a big chested woman so i received alot of stares! I wanted to dig a hole and dive into it, i couldn't look anyone in the face, i walked all the way to the back of the bus so their backs would be to me!!


  • stevenyc

    One of my embarrassing moments goes like this:

    I'm rapidly fading from the truth. My stimuli is a cute girl. We had been dating for a few weeks, and, as virgins, we were holding to abstinence. (As to me I have to add that by taking the plunge, I felt I was shitting in Jehovah's face). So, the time had come when we decided we were ready ( Oh, God I was ready), to take our relationship up a gear. I booked tickets for Paris, and off we went. The embarrassing moment happens between 'I booked tickets for Paris' and 'off we went'.

    In sheer fear, I went to the local drug store to purchase the necessary protection. This is the first time I had done this. I decided to invoke all my JDub trained ballsiness and demand the finest condoms known to humanity. With this bravado, I enter the store at start my scout. I look around to assess the battle field. 'OK, a couple a older women in search of vein treatment and a mother 'n' child hunting lozenges. More importantly, NO JEHOVAHS WITNESSESS'. Not bad, I can deal with this.

    I go to the counter of required equipment ('Why oh why does it always have to be the prescription counter'), and spy who's ('more importantly, which sex, and is she cute), manning the store. OK, an older lady with the appropriate scholarly glasses. I'm in heaven.

    There are a plethora of choices, so, with the two old women unconcerned with me, mother and child preoccupied, and a wizened practitioner, my ballsy facade cannot fail !

    I look down at the varieties, and choose the closest, normal looking pack hoping there are no donkeys involved, and quickly give them to the woman behind the counter; pay, and exit.

    While driving back home, with a huge smile of accomplishment I decided to inspect my trophy. Taking my prize I read the marketing flavour to which I'm going to espouse to my girlfriend on our vacation. The title reads: "Shaped Condoms".

    O M F G !!!!!

    Shaped Condoms. SHAPED CONDOMS !!! I am about to introduce my girlfriend and I to the beautiful human experience of sexual courtship, with a dick shaped like a giraffe !!!

    I turn around and head back to the store.

    On entering, the store is entertaining a fuller clientele. In panic, I head to the counter, ignoring social etiquette of the queuing system, to obtain an exchange of sexual apparatus.

    The counter is empty of personnel. Behind the partition I see the wised practitioner and a new accomplice. A REALY FIT Girl, who then catches my eye, and comes out to serve me, (with haste I can now understand as a person who sees somebody in needy assistance).

    What am I going to do?

    JDub intolerance kicks in. "I'm sorry but I bought these in error, and I wish to exchange them".

    The girl takes the condoms, shakes her head and says: "I'm sorry, but we can't accept these as they are already opened".

    ALREADY OPENED! W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!

    She hands me back the pack and I see that the seal has broken. I must have done this in my panic. What am I going to do?

    Thank you JDub training! I ignore everything around me and deny all responsibility of said broken condom pack seals. "I didn't open that pack" "It must have been broken already" .... and bunch more denials and questioning. Meanwhile, the store shoppers had an interesting new focus to their normally mundane pharmaceutical gatherings. And it was me! (As a side comment, I've always known how young kids can be cruel in school to other kids, but, this has nothing on Granny's with vein issues).

    After a few minuets of responsibility debating she goes back to consult with the pharmacist, returning with a two page exchange form that I have to fill out. I kick-in my trained cognitive dissonance on the whole situation ant give my account and personal details. I take my time in choosing a safer-sounding pack of condoms. And exit.


  • DigitalFokus

    now that was some funny shit...

    LOL shaped like a giraffe..hjahahahhahahahahahhaha

  • wednesday

    years ago at a circuit assembly I had brought a can of shasta lime into the main auditorium . I was not supposed to, the new rules said we could not eat in the the main hall. Anyway, I popped the top during a talk, and lucky me, it fizzed and swewped everywhere. It was so loud the speaker stopped and looked at me. Back then I was young and good looking, so he smiled. Heard a lots giggles around.
    I also was once doing CPR on a dummy (to pass my CPR test) and pooted (southern polite ladies say poot) got quite a few laughs as I was in a big class of people all lined up to do this test.
    have walked out of bathrooms with toliet paper on shoe, always a winner.
    the worst was when our KH was being built and I went to the ladies. The celing tiles were not all in. I had no idea anyone was up there, but apparently a young brother was. he stopped and watched me a bit. he caught me in the wonderful position of, hiking my skirt up and bending over.
    oh wow, i am sick just wondering whoi it was.

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