Do you still carry the non-blood card and what are your thoughts on it?

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  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien
    Even though I'm no longer an active J.W. I still carry around the card, just so my folks won't talk B.S. about it. However, I'm not sure what my beliefs are on the subject of blood transfusion.

    Your folks go through your wallet?????????????????????????????????????????

  • Clam

    Hello Chico

    After leaving the Dubsters I clung on to the idea of not accepting blood transfusions for years. Although I'd left the Cult I still felt that it was a Biblical command and worthy of adherence. Then I decided to look deeper into the issue, thanks to dating someone in the medical profession, and aided by the internet realised how everything had been twisted, and how the WTS had said simiular things about vaccines etc.

    Now I'm a blood donor and encourage others to be. The WTS's stance on blood makes my blood boil. They cause death and misery because they're so intransigent and misguided, and their whole "fractions" blood policy is a sick farce.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Chico86,
    There is no biblical command not to have blood that is binding on Christians. The WTS just is very uneducated in their understanding of scripture. Even Russell understood why Christians can eat blood.
    The hypocrisy of the WTS stance is that they use blood fractions that are derived from huge quantites of stored blood. It is a bit like a person saying "I only took the wheels off someone elses car, not the whole car, so its not stealing". Either you abstain from blood or you don't. Even worse is that they do not donate to the blood supply.

    As with all surgery blood has some risk, so should not be used unnecessarily. However when deemed absolutely necessary I would use blood.

    See or for detailed discussion on it.

  • Honesty

    I carry a MEDIC card now.

    B+ blood type.

    That should just about clear up any questions regarding how I feel about the WACKTOWER NO BLOOD card.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Just this month I threw mine out. And it wasn't the newest one. I refused to sign the one from last year because it didn't even show that it was a scriptural stand that we were taking. After the watchtower study about a year ago, everyone walked away confused and didn't know where they stood anymore, either. The society has gone back and forth to much and frankly, they don't even know where they stand.

    Being a trained witness I have an aversion to receiving someone else's blood. The idea is rather disgusting but I am do not think that it is something that the bible condemns. There have been quite a few discussions on this board that have shed quite a bit of light on it for me. My family and I have discussed it length and all of us think that it is a rather questionable issue. I am definately not averse to storing my own blood for later use but the blood will only last for a few months. If my son were in need of medical attention, I would ask the doctors to try everything possible before a blood transfusion, but would give him one if necessary. It is hard to get over being brain washed for so many years but I am trying to break the bindings.

    Jesus gave blood to save humanity, obviously he and Jehovah valued life enough to do so.


  • damselfly

    When they D'fed me the elders asked if I still had my blood card. I said yes, they said"Can we see it?" Me (still in shock that thay have actually kicked me out) "sure it's right here" I dutifully pull it out of my wallet and set it on the table. They snatched that ratty card up so quickly it was a blur. Then they inform me that I am "not worthy" of carrying a card around to identify me as being a JW.


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