Kingdom Hall Bomb

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  • ozziepost
    I would alos be curious as to people's faith right now, those who were present and survived.

    I imagine it'd be just like 'us'. (Let the reader use discernment.)

  • unclebruce
    I used to know an Elder who would scoff at the lack of faith the ancient israelites had because they would tie a sash around the waist of the high priest when he went into the holiest of holies. Their reasoning was that if anything like a heart attack or stoke happened to him in there they could just pull him out again by the sash.

    Zaping high priest Doc! This makes me wonder about the electric effect the arc is conjectured to have had.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Yes I remember something about how the Ark was a big battery, that all the different metals in it acted as an electrical generator... Could be why no one was allowed to touch it apart from the "insulated" high priest

  • jwfacts

    I know Sue Shultz, she and her husband were in Bethel at the time. She was very pretty before the blast and still very pretty afterwards, but never seemed to get over not being a beautiful as before the blast.
    I never could understand the purpose of prayer and Gods help. Here were two wonderful dedicated people that God did not protect. The same applies for Steven when he was stoned. Exactly when does God step in if not even for his most dedicated people. If he does not step in then what is the purpose of praying for assistance?

  • ozziepost
    Here were two wonderful dedicated people that God did not protect

    Hmmmmmmm.......well...not from where i was standing....

  • BluesBrother

    I remember this incident well. It made the news here as well . We sent a card to victims c/o Sydney Bethel . Several weeks later we got a nice reply .. Of course nothing could ever justify this action and it is nothing short of criminal.

    The spin put upon it by the dubs was pathetic though ,as Blondie's quotes show only too clearly . Persecution and it was seen as the start of the big push against religion - which it was not. I was once lent a tape of a speaker explaining how it was "loving for Jehovah to allow it". We hooted at his reasoning even then as active dubs

    You just have to accept that "Sh**t happens!" and there does not have to be a big reason why

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Last summer I got an email that was being circulated last summer. The witnesses have a way of explaining disasters like this as being a blessing from Jehovah. I saved the e-mail into a Word document and will try to paste it here:

    : Subject: Jehovah's Mighty Hand >Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 18:37:04 -0600 As I read these, my memory came to my aid. All have been mentioned in the publications or at assemblies. Putting them together gives us a boost. It is awesome to think of how our wonderful God intervenes when it is needed. Who could ever think that Jehovah is not with the organization. And I added a 9th to the list I got. Perhaps there are other things you can add. If you do, please send a copy back to me so I can share. > >Bob Weyer > > >-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >


    1. The bomb planted in the Kingdom Hall In Australia, where one brother was killed, was meant to kill everyone, and would have, but the bomb rolled backwards so the force or the blast was away from the friends, rather than aimed at them.

    2. A new Hall was built in

    3. In , a Hall building was delayed, because the basement hadn't been back filled and the brothers had no means to do so. While the inspectors were at the site, a bulldozer showed up did the job, and drove off. He returned to tell his boss he'd finished the job at the Hall. The boss replied, "Hall!? I told you to go to the mall!" The job was done at no expense to the brothers.

    4. The brothers were building a 2-day project, and were short of roof trusses. None could be obtained for 3 days. Nearby, a semi truck overturned, blocking traffic. What was it carrying? Trusses! The police wanted them removed. The brothers moved in and hauled them away. Although some were damaged, enough were gathered to finish the project, at no cost to the brothers.

    5. A Hall project was planned on an island. However, no sand was available for the mortar. (Many of these islands are formed from coral.). The only sand was on property owned by the Catholic priest, and he wouldn't sell to the brothers. A storm came up and washed the sand from the priest's land to where it was available to the friends. The project was completed, and everyone was happy but the priest .

    6. In , where the work is done underground, 3 elders were >working on a country road. The sky was cloudy. Suddenly a bolt of lightning killed the middle brother. The other 2 hurriedly hid his body in the bushes, to go and remove literature, etc. from his home before the officials came. They take over any possessions they find and give them to whomever they feel can use them. Among his possessions were found a complete list of all the Witnesses from miles around. He was not a brother, but an imposter, planning to turn this list over to the police. As Bro. Lauriz says, if these hadn't come from , we'd never believe them.

    7. In a country where the work is banned, a Brother was trying to get through a series of roadblocks, with the trunk of his car loaded with literature. He was stopped by a policeman who asked him if he would take him to a certain destination as his car was broke down. The Brother agreed, the policeman got in the car, took his policeman's hat off and put it on the dashboard of the car as they drove along. They passed through five roadblocks and each time they were waved to go on through because of the policeman being w! ith him. When they reached the end, the policeman thanked him and got out. The Brother asked him what the roadblocks were for and he said, "Oh, those Jehovah's Witnesses try to get through with their literature and this is set up to stop them." So he had escorted the Brother right through with his literature, (Told by Bro. Spangenberg, C. 0.)

    8. A Brother going door to door met a man who said very emphatically he was not interested. He said to the Bro. "Tell it to the dog!" So the Bro. did. He gave the whole Sermon, read the scriptures, and presented the WT subscription, when he got through, he looked up at the man and said, "Well, the dog says yes." The man said "If the dog says yes, then I'll take it." So he placed the subscription. This was told by Brother Carrie Barber. (Gov. Body) Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer. -Romans 12:12

    9. Here is one I can add. In West Valley C! ity, , a new Kingdom Hall was planned. Funds were short. The brothers heard of an IRS auction of property in an ideal location. The date of the auction the presiding overseer went to the site, county court house steps. A minimum bid was announced, $14,500.00. Our brother raised his hand. No one of the many gathered there offered any bids. The congregation got the property, sold off a piece for $14,500.00. Net paid for at no cost to the brothers aside from clean up. How do I know? I was in that congregation at the time. Bob Weyer > >

  • LDH

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jek....

    I remember all of those Urban Legends.


  • greendawn

    Given the havoc this devious org has wreaked upon so many lives it is surprising that we didn't see a lot more of this happening around the world.

    Did they catch the person that did it?

  • IP_SEC

    I used to have the talk on tape by a bethel rep that was given in the aftermath of this bombing. I will try to find it and digitize it.

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