Kingdom Hall Bomb

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    I echo greendawn's question:

    Did they catch the person that did it?

    As for the "miracle" claims: boy-oh-boy, Jah just doesn't do miracles like the good-ole-days, does s/he?!?!?! Once upon a time, he would protect humans thrown directly into a massive fire, and they would come out unscathed. Now, the best he can do is keep the death count in an IED incident down to one, and the casualty count down to forty.

    Hey, I'm no deity, I'm neither omniscient nor omnipotent, but I think I could have done better at "miraculous protection" that day!


  • sizemik

    Interesting event . . . I remember well when it happened.

    While never condoning such an act . . . after a year or so here . . . I can understand possible motives.

  • transhuman68

    I remember well when it happened.

    Ya, ditto. My brother was there.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I know this is an old topic but it has bugged me for a long time.

    As a wide-eyed teenager, I remember a C.O. visit a little while after this event and his talk was all about the bombing.

    What I remember most from his talk was getting the vibe that there was very little suffering. Only one died (when it could have been worse), almost everyone had their heads down reading a scripture, nails were placed around the bomb to inflict maximum damage but only one sister had a nail stuck in her finger- but miraculously she was wearing gloves at the time. The talk ended in a fashion that suggested that the most important thing was what an amazing witness the event was to the community and those involved.

    So basically , although a tragic event- it was all good.

    A few years later I attended a wedding and sat next to Sue Schultz and her husband.

    My comments about the bombing must have been flippant, or maybe I came across like I played the whole thing down because I remember the shock on their faces when I told them how the whole event was explained to us.

    After telling them the version we were told, Sue Schultz's husband said to me - 'it wasn't like that at all'. They then told me their story and what they and others went through and what it took to survive and get well again.

    Now that I am a lot older and have had some life experience, it makes me feel very sorry for these ones that went through such an tragedy and are left with life-long mental and physical scars that their experience was played down and presented in a way that minimised what they went through.

    Does anyone else remember what was said at meetings after this event? Did you remember thinking it wasn't all that bad?


  • integ

    I recall the urban legend of a group of smurfs who burst into the hall singing christmas carols and moon walking down the center aisle of the kingdom hall. One unruly smurf kicked the speaker in the testicles and took over the mic and started singing white christmas solo. A group of brothers went to grab him but the smurf assumed a kung fu stance in defiance and they surrounded the little blue guy. He somehow scissor kicked his way out of it and joined hands with the other smurfs as they danced out of the hall.

    When they got to the door they all turned around and mooned the stunned audience..then muttered obscenities loudly before slamming the door.

    Those that looked out the kingdom hall window observed the smurfs riding into the sky in a christmas sleigh.

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