DATING 101: Dating Interacially and my opposite: Will it Work Out?

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  • anewme

    Sounds like a very liberating experience Stilla!
    Honestly, enjoy this young man and drink in the memories.
    Dont worry how long it will last.
    Nothing lasts forever anyway.
    Enjoy the opportunity to learn new ways and ideas and people.
    He sounds so different from the KH free and special and a real individual.

    Enjoy yourself hun!

    Add it to the many delicious memories you will have when you are old and grey and sitting in your rocker looking out upon the fields. Thats what grannies are really thinking about!


  • Check_Your_Premises
    I can see from both your expiriences that there can be clear distinctions between black and white period.

    Some good black/white comparisons have been done recently by Dave Chappelle, on the Chappelle show. There hadn't been any good black/white parity comedy for a long time until he came around.

    Some funny noteables were a "Trading Spouses" episode. Dave comes in and the kid is listening to rap. He tells Dave he is from the streets. Next scene is Dave dropping the kid off in "da hood". The bedroom scenes were classic. A few other hysterical observations.

    I think Jungle Fever probably did deal with some of the issues that could come up, although it is dated. Look Whose Coming to Dinner probably didn't have any good cultural insights. However the scene where Bernie Mac badgers Ashton Kutcher into telling black jokes has to be a cultural milestone. The laughed at alot of them, but then he went just a little to far. The cultural divide reared up with a vengeance. We've come so far, but so far to go.

    Nobodies gramma is going to like an interacial bf/gf. Old people are just racist. They come from a different time.

  • greendawn

    There is no reason why an inter-racial relationship shouldn't work as with all other relationships it is a matter of character and personality compatbility that is of inward states not outward ones.

  • Truth2Me

    Hi StillA

  • Truth2Me

    Hi StillA

  • LDH
    I mean ya got me StilA, who practically lives in stores like neiman marcus and macy's, doesn't do dishes and is still trying to find her place outside the JW world

    OK Stilla, honey this comes with the territory. (Being young, sheltered and privileged).

    Don't be a diva, sweetie. Don't be shallow. Nice things are nice to have, but they do not represent your life. Your clothing and car is not an indication of who you are as a person. Replace these material interests with personal growth interests.

    When I was your age, I was the same as you. I'm not condemning you, I'm just giving you some big-sister advice. I.e., learn this stuff as quickly as possible so you can become a "whole person." Shopping at Needless Markup is fun to do once in a while, huh?


    Live Simply so that others may Simply Live Class

  • confusedjw

    Yes opposites attract and as long as you two can communicate your needs, forgive your differences and be kind in between then all will be just fine.

    Unless of course he's a Yankee's fan.................

    Good luck to you.

  • M.J.
    I find that many black jw's aren't THAT black.

    HA! I always think of Don "No Soul" Simmons from Amazon Women on the Moon.

  • Check_Your_Premises
    as long as you two can communicate your needs,

    Yeah, along with your values being compatible in regards to children and money... make sure you communicate well!!! Communication is the basis for all our relationships. If we have problems communicating, we have those same problems with everyone. See what kind of problems he has with others. If they are caused by his communication style, expect the same problems.

    Seek info and give info freely and equally. Fight fair... to solve problems, not to hurt. If something pisses you off, let 'em know quick, so it doesn't build.

    Most of all... make sure he loves his momma. No wait... REALLY MOST OF ALL, DON'T LET HIM BECOME A JW!!!

    The interacial stuff is secondary.


  • M.J.

    My parents did the interracial thing, back when it was more of an issue. They'd get looks, and there were issues regarding the family, i.e., my Grandmothers on both sides didn't like it...but let me tell you, one real positive is that mixed-race kids are really good looking ...

    As for how it's worked out, there have been no issues. My parents have been married for almost 40 years. I think that culturally the two ethnicities were a good match. One type of match that might have challenges, I think, would be, say, a macho-minded man from Latin America and a highly independant and, let's say, "outspoken" African American woman.

    Really, as CYP mentioned, I think that culture and world view is a much bigger factor than race.

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