Bible Studies that left the JWs before baptism

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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    ...however I always had at the back of my mind that living forever with no decent music and no movies or books would be a fate worst than death - I never wanted to go to paradise.

    Can you imagine living next door to moses, a 1000 yrs of him moaning on about what he did for Jehovah only to be resurrected and have to live with dubs (who only had to sell magazines) when nutters like Russell are upstairs lording it over everyone else.

  • unclebruce
    Can you imagine living next door to moses, a 1000 yrs of him moaning on about what he did for Jehovah only to be resurrected and have to live with dubs (who only had to sell magazines) when nutters like Russell are upstairs lording it over everyone else.

    Prince Moses: I used to be somebody!

    Bro Just Scraped In: Was youse in the bible?

    Prince Moses:

  • greendawn

    The JW concept of an earthly paradise has no biblical backing it's a myth that they have created, who said that Eden's garden will be restored here on earth? Christians, and the pre christ faithful, have a heavenly hope.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey Greendawn.. I really agree with your friend..they are really pharisees an the max.!!!

  • loosie

    I know one man who stopped studying before he got baptized.

    He said that at the witness parties he attended he saw that he couldn't drink enough beer to keep up with them.

    He was only able to throw back two beers at a sitting while the rest of them did way more than two in a session.

    (from the know which witnesses can drink them under a table class)

  • Legolas

    I really didn't know alot about the bible or religion before they came around. (When it came time for me to go to Catechism...I would always hide)

    I am the youngest of three so by the time I came around I the other two put up such a fuss about going to church that they stopped except for Xmas.

    I was BIG on Xmas, but on Santa not for religious reasons, I think if I had strong religious beliefs I would have to her to ...go and suck a fart out of a dead Seagull.

  • MinisterAmos

    The key to getting bible-studies to the water is to INCULCATE in them the same greed that the Super-Dubs have for the prize.

    Self-Righteousness, and the feeling of superiority that super dubs carry with them also insulates the studies.

    It also helps if they are of below average IQ and poor; they are easier to manipulate.

    If you think I'm kidding about the last; well I'm not kidding.

  • sass_my_frass

    I've just been in touch with the mother of an old school-buddy, my mum used to study with her when they shared driving us to school. She very carefully mentioned that she wasn't comfortable with the witnesses, and I'm so glad that they could see through it.

  • gaybeat

    Well My story goes like this, While I was depressed in highschool because of this screen name, they came to my door, got my mom back in the truth and I had to go along with her just to not get her mad. Then all of a sudden I had a bible study even though I said no, because I thought JW religion was about choosing if you wanted to be one or not. Instead It was forced upon me so I just went along with it to make people happy. So every week after I was tired from school, I had to go study these dumb books, and underline. I had to study with these people who only said

    I know you would make a great JW, Jah is watching over your family and helping you. Jah is doing this for you, Jah is sharing his holy spirit, Increase your Meeting attendance and Jah will help you, Join the Ministry School and jah will help you.

    So I did practically what they said and got soooo paranoid over if someone sees me playing videogames in the mall they would tell on me, and other crap. So for some years I did the meetings, the assemblies, the Conventions, and after a few years I just got fed up with going to college, then coming home to go to Meetings that end at such a late time, So i lost time studying for school, and time relaxing. They make it seem like if you can spend 5 hours watching TV, why can't you spend 2 hours with Jah. Yes that would be great if it wasn't on Sunday, Tuesday, thursday, and Friday for Book study. After I finished my first Book study I decided that I didn't want to study any more books, but NOOO, they suggested it to me until I couldn't give no for an answer.

    After a while though, when I reached 20, I sort of looked back and figured, why should I be scared of them seeing me watch a show with magic in it or play a violent videogame. I wasn't smoking or harming myself with stuff, I just wanted to live my life. But you can't really leave the religion so easily even if you are unbaptized. Now i'm in the process of fading by depression since both my parents are sick, one recovering from a coma. So that just lead me away from the religion and focus more on taking care of my family and myself, and not on trying to look spiritual to these people I don't know or want to know. My mom still gets upset that I don't go to meetings, but I have to toughen up and say I choose not to go.

    The JW religion just looks at things black and white, the grey area doesn't exist, its just covered up. Sometimes they don't understand that you can't just define a person with siding with Jehovah or siding with the Devil. They don't ever try to look at the person "sitting on the fence". Do they ever see that maybe the person is sitting on the fence because they see the JW religion just as bad as joining the devil?

    If your unbaptized, don't do anything, just stay there if your forced to and wait until you can find a way out.

  • knothead34

    I studied with them for a little over a year. I could never get the whole faithful and discreet slave thing. Everything else hinged on that one thing. I ignored it for awhile, but it kept coming up again. The talks at the meetings and conventions made me sick. They kept the "obeying" the slave doctrine in your face all the time. Also, their arrogance that they just couldn't be wrong.Sure they liked to say that they had been wrong in the past, but you are supposed to trust in them anyway and do what they say. I went along until I finished the knowledge book and then told my teacher I didn't want to continue. I even had a couple of meetings with her to discuss my concerns but then said -forget it, what's the use! she's not going to convince me and I'm not going to convince her. So now I've quit everything. I've just got to see her one more time so I can return some of these many books and tapes. After all, I won't use them and they were free to me. Some other poor soul can use them!

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