Rules for being human...

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  • Satanus

    Seems i killed your thread. I'll give it a bttt and a jolt to the


  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey, no thread killing fred! go easy on the thread killing! ha ha. i'll take the mantle from you now.

    yes, i liked it to. jolly good the bible is obsolete now, and so it shall be in the days of this king of salem, the u/d. ;)


  • prophesariah

    Those words are definitely what we should all bear in mind daily. Not as a replacement for the Bible, but used in conjunction with biblical study. Have you (in general as a group of ex-JW, fading, etc) been so burned by your religious experience that you would "throw out the baby with the bath water".

    The baby you seem to want eliminated is far too precious. The Bible is in no way obselete. The teachings in that book were/are applicable yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. You must always read it for yourself', way beyond what some group or organization is directing you to do.

    It's like a personal exploratory experience or journey with The Living Word (Jesus, The Father, and the Holy Spirit) It was written for us and to us (human beings) as a guide with rules for living on this planet and getting to the next level of existence when we finish or accomplish our assigned goals/tasks.

    Learn from the history of our people (humans) and our relationship with God our Father from Adam & Eve on down to you. What's your story? Are you stuck in a chapter or on a particular page. It may be time to move on or step by faith into the unknown realm of what's next? You will never know the awesome possibilities if you don't.

    There are usually both positive and negative aspects of most of our circumstances (tests & trials) in life. Take the positive with you and utilize it as you elevate to the next level. You are developing a relationship with God The Father and building your character as well to be more like Him in each and every situation. (Don't most children who come from loving families want to be like thier parents?- Don't we as loving caring parents want our children to take on the best aspects of ourselves?)

    Be able to honestly sift through and examine that circumstance or experience to discern the +'s and -'s. The negative stuff you were exposed to or experienced, any negative reactions that you may have had or displayed as a result of that are the things you want to eliminate.

    Study up on the situation, by reading the bible, seeking the counsel of other spiritually in tuned beings, positioning yourself to receive wisdom from other sources who are true believer's. Always discerning any information through that quiet inner voice.

    If you didn't pass the test The Creator always prepares you for, He will be sure to prepare you again. Be receptive to that preparation so you can pass the next time with flying colors. Then get ready for the next new series or battery of tests. It could very well be another area in which God has been dealing with you.

    Remember He does not give us anything we can't bear or handle. He always provides a support system. It could be family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Sometimes, He will get you all by yourself. That's the time He want's to personally commune with you one to one. Stand still and know I AM GOD.

    Does it seem like you are isolated from everyone? When you want to talk over an issue with others, you just can't seem to get through to them? Have you been out of work for some reason? Illness, fired, laid-off ? Don't know what to do with yourself? How do you fill your day? Do you give God any time? Does He even come first in your life?

    Try Jehovah, Jah, I AM, Jesus. Purpose yourself to establish a relationship with God. As you run this race course called life. Apply the rules of conduct and life lessons from biblical history. Continue to bear in mind the words originally posted on this thread. I believe we will all make it through just as Our Heavenly Father, through the love of Christ Jesus & the assistance of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, intended.

    Love/Peace/Blessings & Respect,


  • Satanus


    Thankyou so much for helping to keep alive this thread. Fortunately for me, i did not throw out the baby w the wt. I converted to christian after leaving the wt. It was only after about 2 yrs in that condition that i discovered that the 'baby' was not living, and wasn't even a baby. So naturally, at that point, w extreme sadness, i did what i had to do. RIP, bible.


  • upside/down

    Not only that... my version saves the it doesn't encourage the unnecessary chopping of trees to make an unnecessarily long book (the bible) that no one reads anyway.

    And...mine needs no interpretation...thus no clergy...thus no "organized religion", which is really just a cover for people who don't want to work and want to ignorant well meaning people to support their sorry lazy asses.

    I like to call it The Condensed Evaporated Bible...

    Prophet u/d(of the kiss my ring class)

  • hallelujah

    Where inside me? I've tried naval gazing and all I see is my naval.

  • greendawn

    What you make of life is up to you but not all ppl have the same tools some are equipped with better some with worse tools or capabilities with which to succeed in life. Also the environment one grew in may have been supportive or neutral or even adverse. Life is kinder to some than to some other.

  • whatawaste

    good stuff

  • upside/down
    Life is kinder to some than to some other.

    I speak from the point of view of one who's short existence has been....shall we say.....HIGHLY UNKIND.

    But, since taking charge of my own life and stopping waiting on a deaf/mute deity and blaming another deaf/mute sub-deity... things have gotten sooooo much better.

    u/d(of the deity's suck class)

  • BlessedStar

    Humans, animals, insects, fish etc

    Survival of the fittest or our words are a direct result of our thoughts. A negative mind produces a negative mouth and, consequently, a negative life.

    The Bible says, "love your neighbor as you love yourself."

    Never, Never say negative things about yourself—things like "I never do anything right. I'll never change. I'm ugly. I look terrible. I'm dumb. Who could ever love me? etc,".


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