Is this one of the reasons they changed the Song Book?

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    gasoline and the combustable engine are seperate things. combine them and you have a third thing

    I guess I missed something, what's that third thing again?

    you are correct about the soul and body being seperate enities, however added together they are a third enity, together they are what we call a "human being"...

    That's not what the WT teaches.

    If I understand you correctly Jesus had a dual nature? Part man and part angel?

    D Dog

  • just2sheep

    d dog,

    i was a little foggy on that third thing...what i was thinking and trying to relate is an engine is an engine, whether it is filled with gasoline and pushing that classic t-bird, or jaguar down the highway or it is dry of gas and sitting beside the road it is an engine.

    gasoline is the same whether it is sitting in an underground storage tank over at the wal-mart or rushing it's way through the engine, it is gasoline.

    the gasoline is the fuel---the engine the machine. and everything these two do in conjunction with each other is work, or action or something, so the 1st two in the action of creating the work, or action or something is the third enity. i don't like to get caught up in which word is the right word if several words relate basically the same thought so any of these words can work in context, you might be able to provide even more. one way to put it---(object+fuel=third enity) = action

    the human body is the machine...the spirit is the fuel...together they are a person capable of all the work,action or whatever you want to call it. seperately they are what they are...i know what a human body without life force is, i don't know what life force without a human body is.

    i don't know what the wtbts' answer would be, but i wasn't giving gill their thoughts i was giving him my thoughts.

    i'm not sure what you are saying about jesus. could you expand this thought please.

    the "nature" of man may well not be the "physicality" of man. i just don't know.

  • stilllying

    Isn't it strange how those songs stay in your head. I can still remember alot of the words though I haven't sung them in years and years and years.

    This is Jehovah's day, his will is here to stay, he's laid in Zion his chief cornerstone..... Let all lift up the voice, thank god and rejoice, for in Jehovah's Kingdom, we put faith alone...... What will you bring, Jehovah's Kingdom? Triumph of truth and happiness, and bring what else, Jehovah's Kingdom, eternal life and happiness, ..... got most of that right huh?

  • Gill

    stilllying - What bad memories of WTBTS songs/hymns you bring back. I've only just got the first one out of my head and now the others are coming back to haunt me!

  • truckerich

    I am over here watching TV and humming..We're Jehovah's Witnesses...thanks alot you guys...

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