Thank you!

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  • Hawkeye

    Thank you to all who have welcomed me to the forum. I can't believe it. I NEVER was welcomed like this in the cong. wow!!!!!

    Thanks also for the good advice about my DA letter. I just sent out my copies to some of my old" friends," who I really don't care if I ever see again! I am so lucky though that we have 4 families leaving the org at about the same time.( one was an elder!) Wonderful support. TRUE friends!

    Freedom is power!!!!

    Thanks again everyone!


  • OpenFireGlass

    4 families... WOW

  • carla

    That's great! Glad to hear it! Must be a real shake-up at the hell, hey?

  • candidlynuts

    welcome hawkeye

    (and again to you openfire)

    this place has offered me a lot of advice and empathy.. it really is helpful.

    <------- if i wasnt such a big chicken i think i'd make personal friends here as well! but as it it i'm still a fader and dont want to lose what family i have left.

  • carla

    ps- forgot to welcome you! Glad you found jwd.

  • OpenFireGlass

    Yes , & WELCOME

    , Mike (of the 15 years later... and still socially retarted class)

  • misspeaches

    Hawkeye I am so pleased for you that you are surrounded by people going through the same process. Also it is going to help you immensly having a place to speak with people who really understand what you are going through. I know this from personal experience.

    You will love it here!

  • TheListener

    Welcome Hawkeye. Glad to see you made it out. Nice to hear so many leaving at once. What a blow to the faith of those left, eh?

    Good luck on your journey.

  • Chimene

    4 Families! Wow! Awesome!

  • Dismembered

    Congrats Hawkeye


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