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  • inbyathread

    The address to the Stevens Point Wisconsin Kingdom Hall is:

    3600 Northpoint Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54481

    Since his apartment is accessed from the back of the hall the address could have a "A" behind it or something like that.

    I would leave it as 3600 and put Circuit Overseer in Bold Letters so the elders can forward appropriately.

    Note: Not all Halls have actual mailboxes so the letter might be delivered or returned because dut to a lack of a mailbox.

  • Hawkeye

    Thanks for the info IBAT!!!


  • beautifulisfree

    Hi Hawkeye-

    I know you ;) from the MPA. Glad to see you here. If you send it do The C.O. he won't get it since they have no mailboxes at the hall. You would have to send it to an elder in St. Point Cong in Care of the C.O. and the elders in charge of the C.O. mail always changes. So, if you find out who that is your in luck.

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