Did you know any JW's elder that committed Aldutery and was not removed?

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  • booker-t

    Do you know of any JW's elder that committed Adultery but still remained as an Elder? Do you think that the other elders swept it under the carpet?

  • mkr32208

    I know of several witnesses who weren't df'ed for it but no elders who weren't at least removed... I suppose that does happen though!

  • alamb

    A MS (who later was an elder) approached me and was setting himself up for the New System. He said if he was faithful to his wife in this system, he figured Jehovah would let him have anyone he wanted in the New System for a reward. He asked if I was interested! He wanted me to be the New System Honey. There's an offer I could refuse. He's still in.

  • crazyblondeb

    I knew an elder that was seeing a girl in the congregation that was my age at the time. She was about 17, and he was early 50's. They did this with the blessing of his wife. Actually, his wife was teaching her how to do everything for her husband so that if anything happened to the wife, there would be someone there for him. This went on for many years till they got busted. He just moved away, but continued being an elder in south Missouri.


  • serendipity
    Actually, his wife was teaching her how to do everything for her husband so that if anything happened to the wife, there would be someone there for him.

    And this belongs in the 'JW's who are cuckoo' thread.

  • PoppyR

    I have close experience of an elder who while serving was found out to be visiting prostitutes, this he admitted to and the other elders felt so sorry for him they did not DF or reprove him, removed him but made no announcement and when his poor wife divorced him she was villified because he was clearly so bereft. She was so loyal she never told anyone the truth and just moved away. He was soon reappointed, remarried and the golden boy once again and she was left to serve as a single sister 'tarred' with gossip. A CO actually had the guts to phone her up and ask could she not 'find it in her heart' to forgive him. Totally ignoring any scriptural advice!! I somehow doubt if she had been the one to be unfaithful to such a massive degree she would have been treated quite so gently.


  • Dune

    I remember an elder from the days of my chilhood who impregregnated a sister.

    The thing was, the child was born and it wasnt till he was about 5 years old that the elder was dealt with. Weird.

  • carla


    I don't get it, where would his wife be in the new system? Did he think she wouldn't 'make it'? and wouldn't you have to be married here first? Because if your not married at the big A you have to stay single for all of eternity, is that right? I'm confused.

  • candidlynuts

    i know of about.........3 elders who commited adultry.. all 3 stepped down for various reasons at the beginning of their affairs..

    once caught, only one was df'd, the other 2 just got PRIVATE reproof and i only know because they were close to my family way back when. .. one divorced the " wife of his youth" and married his 16 yr old lover and is now reinstated and climbing back up the ladder. his first wife was told she had to forgive him and be nice at the meetings or move away..she moved.

  • Balsam

    Back in 1980 my then JW Elder husband had an affair with a sister in our congregation. She and her husband were our close friends and we did everything with them. The thing is I and her husband fully believed they were in the sack together but they both denied it. Saying it had only come close to adultrey but was never finished. The sister was terrified of being disfellowshipped and they both agreed to say no adultery happen. He was not removed as an elder till later when he started smoking. She was never publically reproved, and neither was he.

    The Elders fully protect my then husband and believed their story and they got off scot free. Her husband and I were not free to divorce them. We all continued in our marriages but the friendship did end. The two person witnessing the betrayal rule of seeing them commit adultery was used, since they denied that sex had not happened. My then Elder husband was very good at using the rules to protect himself or his girlfriends when he needed too.


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