Did you know any JW's elder that committed Aldutery and was not removed?

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  • ferret

    Not an elder but my brother got caught doing the P.O.s daughter who was married. Neither one of them even got a public reproof. It was hushed up.

  • Scully

    Last congregation I was in....

    Mid-way through the Thursday night Meeting™, four Elders™ emerge from the Back Room™. One of them, whom I shall refer to as Elder™-Pioneer™ Brother™, was wiping tears from his face. Within moments, we learned why:

    Elder™-Pioneer™ Brother™ was Deleted™ as an Elder™ and Pioneer™ during the Service Meeting™ Announcements™ that night. In the very next breath, a much younger Pioneer™ Sister™ was Deleted™ as a Pioneer™ and Disfellowshipped™.

    The young lady and her husband moved away shortly thereafter, and divorced.

    Within a year, the Elder™-Pioneer™ Brother™ was given all his Privileges™ back.

    You see, even without the benefit of any gossip, figuring out what happened in that case was way too easy-peasy.

  • Mysterious

    I was told of an elder here that went to encourage an inactive sister and brought a bottle of tequila with him. One thing led to another. The inactive woman confessed said she didn't care if she was disfellowshipped it was still wrong, I believe nothing happened to him though his wife knew about it and was incredulous, as I believe was the inactive sister's husband (though they were separated at the time).

  • greendawn

    No the one I knew committed adultery with the wife of another elder and was d'fed until eventually reinstated as JW.

  • uninformed


    Where in South Missouri?

    I lived there for a long time, PM me if you can.


  • blondie

    How about David, he committed adultery AND murder and was not removed as King of Israel.

  • uninformed


    I knew an elder from Conway Arkansas that had an affair with another brothers wife in 1966-67. He moved away to Ozark, Missouri, and served there for a bunch of years. About 1986 or 87, I got a call from his son re: his father's daliance (which I was already aware of), and he also informed me that the elders opted NOT to remove him. Caused quite a stir for those of us that knew about it.

    PM me for names.


  • Trojan

    There are actual cases a few cases that reach service department of elders that had pre-marital sex with their wifes, 20 years ago and now suddenly they remember that and confess. In those cases procedure is: long time ago, forgotten, nobody knows. Move on.

    You will not hear about those...



    It really depends on how "politically" connected that particular elder is to the CO and the rest of the body. Or if exposing him would be a good political move for one or more of the other elders, in this case they would stab him in the back so fast he wouldn't feel it coming. Generally speaking though I think we would be fooling ourselves if we think that all bodies of elders cover up these things amongst each other, personally I think its uncommon. Oftentimes elders treat each other worse than the rest of the congregation if you can believe that!

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