Theocratic Warfare Strategy - Lies have long been part of the plan.

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Yea - I can always remember how to cut and paste - been doin' that since kindergarten. Ah - second childhoods are great.


  • unclebruce

    G'day Star Moore the fact remains that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society encourages JWs to lie as well as repeatedly lieing to and deceiveing their own members. The WBTS has and is practicing "theocratic war strategy" on the JWs themselves. .

    The responsibility for this is sheeted home directly to the officers and directors of the Watchtower Society of Pennsylvania. Until 2000AD they were all members of the Governing Body. They either wrote or approved everything published by the WBTS. In 2000AD the Governing Body resigned their positions in the WBTS but, being the spiritual heads of Jehovah's Witnesses, they still retain authority over it.


    The New Bible Dictionary:

    LIE, LYING (Heb Seqer ‘falsehood deception’; kazab’‘lie or ‘deceptive thing’; Gk. pseudos and cognates). Essentially a lie is a statement of what is known to be false with intent to deceive. (Jdg.. xvi. 10, 13) Biblical writers severely condemn aggravated forms of lying e.g. that which perpetrates a fraud (Lv. vi 2 3) that which secures wrongful condemnation (Dt. Xix. 15) and the testimony of false prophets (Je. xiv. 14). Lies may be expressed in words (Pr. vi. 19), a way of life (Ps. lxii. 9), error (2 Thes. ii. II), or a false form of religion (Rom. i. 25). The prophets regarded lying as a specific expression of the principle of evil (Ho. xii. I). Lying is prohibited as repugnant to the moral conscience of Israel (Pr. xix. 22), because of its anti-social effects (Pr. xxvi. 28), and above all, as incompatible with the divine Nature (Nu. Xxiii. 19). Jesus declares that Satan is the father of lies (Jn. Viii. 44). All falsehood is forbidden in the Christian community (Col. iii.9).

    Lying is characterized in various ways, e.g. Cain’s evasive answer (Gn. iv 9), Jacob’s deliberate falsehood (Gn. xxvii. 19), Gehazi’s misrepresentation of his master (2 Ki. v 21- 27), and the deception practised by Ananias and Sapphira (Acts v. 1-10). Lying is the sin of antichrist (1 Jn. ii 22), and all habitual liars forfeit eternal salvation (Rev. xxi. 27).

    I Sa. xvi. 2 does not justify the expedient lie. God merely suggested an ostensible reason for Samuel’s visit to Bethlehem, and the prophet was under no obligation to divulge his real purpose. Again, 1 Ki. xxii. 20-23 implies that God permitted a subterfuge that His righteous judgment should be enacted upon Ahab. In such passages as Gn. xii. 10-20 it is clear that deception is not condoned nor recorded as an example to follow.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    G' evening to you, Uncle Bruce...Please be patient with me, I only D'Aed in November...I do think there is alot of dishonest stuff going on. Like the fact, they say they are sooooo different from the Cath. church by calling each other brother....yet the elders, CO's, DO, and GB are treated like Gods and so secretive....So the truth: They are "fathers" "priests" "archbishops" etc. I liked your example of: in 2000, the GB pretending not to be our leaders when they sure the Hell are! There are alot of examples like this in the JW's... Like they tell us to read the bible and use our power of reason, when they sure as heck don't want us to have any interpretation other they give us.... Many more..too.

    My point, I made before..Do you think the WT has ever told us Lying is Okay???? Or were they just saying, our enemies don't always deserve to know everything we know..???? What do you think Uncle B.?

  • dvw

    star moore,

    i see your point. i always understood it to mean we need not divulge "everything" to "everyone". BUTT.................. the watchtower joined the un., then said "no we didnt". plus, they flat out lied to the govt. of bulgaria about the blood issue. these are the same clowns who would rather see the german jw's during ww II "hold fast" and be decapitated rather than "compromise" and live. they expect the rank and file to "be faithful unto death", but fold like a cheap suit on two of the major tenets of the faith.

    btw, was rahab even a jewess? i dont remember that she was. if this is so, she was under no compulsion to be truthful. if she was a jew, then now would be a good time for me to shut up.

  • unclebruce
    My point, I made before..Do you think the WT has ever told us Lying is Okay???? ; Or were they just saying, our enemies don't always deserve to know everything we know..???? ; What do you think Uncle B.?

    Pleased to meet you Star Moore,

    A lie is a lie is a lie.

    To paraphrase the poet; a rose by any other name would smell so sweet.

    To paraphrase the farkel™; paint crap any colour you like but it's still crap.

    cheers, unclebruce™

    Note: gardening advice - crap on roses is highly recommended

  • Jeffro

    Star Moore:

    I don't think the article is telling us to lie but rather that our enemies, and God's don't deserve to know all the truth, all the time.......What's wrong with that?

    What's wrong with that? First, there is the false assumption that your 'enemies' are God's 'enemies', rather than simply those who don't agree with your religious beliefs, often with solid reasons, or who are enforcing the 'law of the land'. There is the speculative and subjective definition of 'enemies' that allows some to justify any kind of dishonesty that might be loosely construed by them to allow for the furthering of 'kingdom interests'™, though realistically it is often simply to avoid personal inconvenience.

    By similar reasoning, any person of any religious (or other) affiliation might justify to themself that their own personal beliefs identify some arbitrary individual or group as 'God's (or other authority figuree's) enemies', and therefore not worthy of being told the truth. Would you approve of people of other groups making the same justification, or would you simply call them liars speaking 'twisted things of Satan'™?

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