Is there a God/supreme being/ or what?!

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  • LittleToe

    Of course


    Wonders will never cease - I'm actually agreeing with ya - LOL

  • Elsewhere

    There most certainly IS a Supreme Being.... Me!

    You may all bow and pay homage....

  • JamesThomas

    JamesThomas wrote:

    The answer is so very close and simple that it is veiled by the complexity of the mind.

    Be still. What remains when consciousness takes a step out of the fragmented-jabber-of-the-mind and all its abstract questions, beliefs and ideas? There is the wondrous vastness of conscious being and existing, there is actuality and reality, there is what IS. When the mind is still and quite there is no need to for conscious awareness to subtract Source and Sustenance (God) from what IS, from itself.

    and it didn't make much sense. So, if I may, I would like to not make any sense, again.

    What I am trying to say, is when it comes to God, our Source, it is so huge, vast and all inclusive that it is not a circumscribable "IT". It's not an object or a thing. Not a deity or entity. Not an object separate from what is looking. The human intellect or mind can only comprehend pieces or fragments (it's the minds nature to seemingly and very realistically break the universe down into bite size pieces). The problem is, is there ultimately are no pieces; there is the WHOLE of being and existing -- which is what the word G-O-D points to. The pieces and fragments are interpretations only, which the mind generally accepts to be real and true (especially the individual fragment it believes self to be). Interestingly, these mind made fragments are critical to practical day to day life (you better know the difference between laundry soap and flour when you make a cake). However, viewing life through the discontinuity of the mind is like looking through a straw. We see and can relate only with isolated parts -- including our "self" -- and are totally unaware of the unbroken whole (God) -- our true identity. The ultimate truth of our Source and real being can not be known by the mind. Just look at all the hundreds and hundreds of years of philosophizing and theologizing, and here we all are still asking the same questions about is there or is there not a God? and almost always the questions are regarding the minds mistaken interpretation of a god which is just another piece or character within the universe like everything else -- just another shard of existence. So we go in circles unaware and confused as to what we are even looking for. It's all quite the tragic comedy. God/the foundational Truth and Reality of all existence and being, can not be known by the mind. It can be consciously lived however, because it is the ultimate and foundational reality of all existence. Generally, our true and natural beingness is discovered when the mind is at a complete standstill and consciousness falls of the edge of everything it ever believed to be true of self and universe. j

  • aquagirl

    as the late great warren zevon said "enjoy every sandwich"...dont worry about if there is a god or not..believe in yourself and all the good you can do for yourself and others..let the suits worry about who's butt to kiss..

  • OpenFireGlass

    I'm sticking with, "or what"


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