How to reply to the inevitable invitation to Memorial this year...

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  • nsrn

    I'm anticipating a series of visitis from the witnesses to invite me to Memorial. Every year I get a few with the preprinted invitation, a couple slightly old magazines, and big smiles. These are people who I grew up with, who were kind to me, who honestly think my fade out will cost my eternal soul at the big A. These are the same people who pick up my elderly parents for meetings, bring them food when they are sick, and change their rusted out water heater for them in the dead of winter.

    It's so uncomfortable tfor me to answer the door and there they are; grins, bookbags, and too-tight jackets. "We've missed you...we'd love to have you...we are commanded to observe...your folks would be so pleased if you came..." My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

    My answers are usually vague, non-committal, and short.

    What suggestions do you all have for that visit--especially trying to be kind and respectful to the witnesses?

    I've been doing this for 25 years now--you'd think I'd get over it !

  • Spectre

    I've found that if you are non-committal means that they will be back. I went to the memorial about 5 years ago and was freaked out by all the goofy ritual. I now tell them that.

  • Scully

    Put a sign on your door that says


    it works like a charm at my house.

  • misspeaches

    I can so relate to that uncomfortable feeling.

    My suggestion is just don't answer your door. that way you don't have to feel bad for saying no. Am I correct in assuming that you have faded and that you don't want to cause any ripples with your parents?

    I'm luckier than you. My local congregation didn't give a damn enough to see why I stopped going to meetings. This year will be my 3rd non attendance of the memorial. I grew up with these people too but its obvious they are uncaring. (Not that i want that kind of care mind you, I just hate to hear them say they are when they are not!)

  • DigitalFokus

    Put up a sign.

    I shoot every third Jehovah's Witness that comes to this door...

    ...and the second one just left.

    or simply go and drink the free wine or whatever they are using now.


  • blondie

    Don't answer the door....25 years!

    Not that anyone invites us...

    Have someone else in your household take turns answering the door (if that is an option).

    Make it short and sweet, say hello, take the invitation bill, say you have to go, wave, and shut the door.


  • primitivegenius

    yeah my answer is "we'll see" to my dub fam. anyone else gets F*&^ NO. hey DF (throws a box of 12 gauge shotgun shells)

  • wednesday

    were so high on their " NoWhere List" they have not even bothered to invite us in 4 years. I got a pity invitation 2yrs ago,from a sis who still calls occ. Haven't seen a calendar or daily text book in years.

    .When i see the words

    lot, and job,

    I no longer think of anything bibical, they are just words.

  • blondie

    I think nsrn is trying to find a less confrontational approach since these people have been helpful to his elderly JW parents.


  • jonsey

    after 20 years...the invites have stopped and the comminication with the family as well.


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