April KM - Handbill Distribution

by stillajwexelder 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • hopelesslystained

    I really do not remember the details, but the time was around 1975 (really hate to expose myself!!!) Anyway,everyone in the local congs were just so totally excited about the special handbills to be distributed that the lines at the KH were packed to get our just share of them to hand out. This was going to be the last chance to 'get on the ark'. Some were upset they did not get their full allotment to hand out, as a child, the greed I saw in the adults for a stack of these handbills was disturbing. But, hey, we were announcing the end of the world and the usserance (word?) of the wonderful new world and system of 'things'. (insert sarcastic smirk)

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