im in love with a Jehovah's Witness

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  • saddlers

    hi all just to say my profile name has changed from saddler to saddlers cos im on a different computer and cant remember my login details.

    anyway got to say thankyou to jgnat for all of her advice and just to say you were spot on with what you said about the elders and scriptures.

    my sweetheart told them last week and thay came to see her on saturday and yes thay did leave her in tears and with a lot to think about.

    how could a religion be so cold and cruel thay dont even know me yet thay almost treated me like dirt and did'nt listen to a word i said all thay kept doing is quoteing scriptures which to me is there way of not dealing with things.

    thay are fools if you ask me.

    to treat a person like a sinner just becouse thay dont conform to there ways is utter bullshit.

    but thanks for all the advice .

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll


    Elders like the rest of us are suppose to lay down their lives to save a brother if needed yet they still treat their own like crap. You've caused one of their own to stray and to sin just by seeing you. There's no way they would treat you with anything but contempt.

    Sorry and im sorry they left her in tears

  • saddlers

    thanks dr jekyell for replying

    but i would laydown my life for this woman that i love.

    but you said thay are surposed to lay down there lives to protect a brother os sister well what i have seen of them that is utter crap.

    would thay step into the path of a car to protect another ? The answer is no

    thay are selfish to think that thay are always right and that every one else is wrong.

    thay are like anyother organization thay like to controll the minds of there followers and will DO , USE , and SAY ANYTHING to stay in controll

    I once had a deep tollerance for all religions but after i met 2 of the elders on saturday i must say my views have changed for the worst where Jehovah's witness religion is conserned.

    don't get me wrong some of there teachings and moral standings are correct and good but in general thay realy need to move into the 21st century and stop living in the way distant past.

    after all was'nt it God that gave man a brain to learn from his mistakes.

    is'nt God surpossed to be all seeing , and all forgiving.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll


    The Jehovah's witness religion is one of the few places / religions in the world where a window cleaner can have complete and utter control over something like 100+ people.

    Is it any wonder that the uneducated class that we call the Elders are so easily corrupted by the power that we give them?

    Jesus once said that the world would recognise his true followers by their fruits. Going on what you've seen do you think that JW's fit that role?

    You've been given a small insights into our world, you've seen how nasty it can get, now go out there and spread the world. Take your girlfriend to, neither of you deserve this shit !

  • icon


    I have been reading all of the feed back for saddler and the others. I too have been in a relationship with a jw for a little over a year. I love her very much but all the abuse i have taken over the pass year from her elders, uncles, grandfather...etc has really taken it's toll on me. we are the same or compatible in so many ways yet this one issue seems to be bigger then life it's self. The part that kills me is that people in their hall is allowed to cause trouble in our relationship.

    I have heard that after you get married they would get off our backs, but i feel that if she can stand by her feelings for me now; how can she than? She says that she loves me and i believe her. she told me she wants to marry me but she has to have a hall wedding. This doesn't make since to me because i have told her many times b4 that i will not convert to her faith.

    My heart loves her a great deal, but my mind has grown tired of the games and hatred that has been shown towards me.

  • sixsixsixtynine
    ...and above all she has a sense of hummer

    Marry her immediately!!!!!!

  • saddlers

    I to have found that the elders are arragent of the fellings of there congregation and say that if thay marry "quote an unbeliver" thay would be shunned by the rest of the congregation.

    and that it is only acceptable to marry a baptized member and that is what my girl friend wants from me.

    I have however been reading some of there litriture and have compaired there scriptures from there bible to my familys bible but can't find anything that is different so cant understand why thay are taking the scriptures litteraly.

    surely it would be a test of ones faith if thay can keep there faith and love a so called unbeliver not a sin.

    anyway as im not a church go'er but just followed in my parents religion am now totaly unsure which way to go.

    do i stay as i am and break up from her. ?

    do i look deeper into her religion with the possibility of liking it and joining ?

    or do i try and persuade her to marry me against the advice of her elders. ?

    any response would be appreciated.

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