April 15, WT: Education, personal fulfillment leads to spiritual death

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  • towanda

    Hi everyone- Newbie here, but have been reading this board for years! Also attending University, after having left an abusive husband and a very controlling hall. My entire family (all now former dubs, after being heavily entrenched for many, many years, yeah us!) is so supportive of the changes I've made. You all have been so amazing and insightful, i would never have made this journey without all of you....

    Love these articles on higher education. Raised a dub, i never would have entertained heading to college (my high school transcripts are appalling, to say the least!) but now i'm 3rd year 4.0 library geek, and so happy. The articles are right. Higher education is terrible for a dub. It forces you to think rationally and critically, and for yourself, it offers you insight into the pyschology of manipulating entities (not that we would have any exposure to that ) and it opens up an entire new world. If your not interested in these "dead works", run for the hills and don't even think of enrolling!

  • serendipity

    Hi towanda, welcome to the forum! It's great to see that your pursuing a dream and not letting the past keep you shackled. You're also fortunate that your family supports you.

  • towanda

    Thanks for the welcome, Serendipity, I always enjoy your insights!

  • Super_Becka

    Hey towanda, welcome to the board!! From one 3rd-year library geek (with a slightly lower GPA - 3.3), glad to have you along!! I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you!!

    Stick around, there's lots of great people here and lots of very interesting topics of discussion.

    -Becka :) (of the "3rd-year, library geek" class)

  • jwfacts

    Welcome Towanda,

    I like this comment in the Young People Ask

    *** yp chap. 22 p. 178 What Career Should I Choose? ***

    "In view of these facts, many Christian youths have decided against a university education. Many have found that the training offered in congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses—the weekly Theocratic Ministry School in particular—has given them a real edge in finding employment."

    Who needs education when you have the Theocratic Ministry School? I found having that on my resume went a long way helping me find work. Not

  • towanda

    Hey Becka~ We library geeks have to stick together! The only reason the gpa is high is that i have no social life (unless you count my puppy, which you cannot). I went from being the social butterfly ( you know, holds all the showers and parties, organizes the meals...) to being a social pariah. Which is quite a lovely change. I'm definitely working on meeting new people. Especially now that I know longer feel the need to be a judgmental creep, it's certainly an easier process! Thanks again for the encouragment!

  • towanda

    whoops..."now that I no longer". Apparently that college education is totally useless...:)

  • calico
    or programs for personal fulfillment.

    I'm curious--what do you think they are referring to? Maybe self-help books or counseling?

  • DaCheech
    Da Cheech, what scriptures were used? It would be interesting to refute their arguments with those scriptures....

    Wish I could tell you, but I made believe I was taking notes! I had to roll my eyes inside my eyelids once in a while! Somewhere in the talk there was the "trust in jehovah, and he will......" scripture. The overseer said that this shows that we "first" have to trust in JEhovah, not the other way around. Also the scriptures of the end being so close, and these brothers could be veered off course

  • ferret

    Hi towanda, welcome and keep on learning.

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