April 15, WT: Education, personal fulfillment leads to spiritual death

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  • itsallgoodnow

    Oh, so we're back to college being "dead works" again, huh. Well, ain't that great. They sound terribly desperate to control and manipulate the few people they have left, as more and more continue to leave.

    I hope lots of people know this religion is stupid and won't let this cult stand in the way of doing the things they want to do.

    It looks like they realize the age group of people who are leaving the religion the fastest is late teens/early 20's and they want to keep this age group financially dependant on their parents for a very long time. Then, when these 35 year-old janitors and fast food workers finally get on their feet someday, it will be time for them to have their parents, who never saved for retirement, to become financially dependant on them, thus trapping them in the cult for several more decades. Great idea, evil bastards.

  • Trojan

    There was a similar thread about this kind of topic a couple weeks ago (Mind control alert or something). So I will re-post my own little research on Jehovahs blessings system (as described in the book called 'THE BIBLE'):

    The bethel study conductor ended the article with the comment: "This article is equivalent to having Jehovahs point of view on material things."

    Well, that was a good one. What is Jehovahs view on material things then?

    1. Israelites leave Egypt. All obedient and nice. Blessing? They loot the bad, bad, worldly egyptians and take all their gold and silver and jewelry....

    2. Than they get along conquering other cities, and again, Jehovah "blesses" them with more material things: goats, sheep, more gold...

    3. Salomon. Asks for wisdom, gets it. What is his blessing? You would expect that a wise man like that would receive tons of books, libraries, but instead the blessing was again in material form: supposedly 200 Million Dollar yearly income (hey, could RunningMan do a check on this? I would love to hear his opinion on the figures, as he did a fantastic work on his book.....)

    4. The promised land. What was the carrot? "A land of milk and honey"=great agriculture=wealth. They where never promised "a land of spiritual riches, and you guys will be assisting 5 times in Jerusalem and getting watchtowers and all" Nope. These folks where creating wealth, asisted meetings one time a year and dissappeared afterwards...

    5. Abraham. Job, all the same. Whenever we're talking blessings its equal to CASH, MORE CASH.

    6. Modern Bethel homes: they are used as the example for the regular JW family. Ok. Let's round up. All new cars, electric gates, some of them swimming pools (how many JW families do you know with swimming pool AND that are pioneering?)

    Ok. Sum this up. Jehovahs point of view DEFINITELY favors YOU in making some serious CASH, as that in biblical terms IS A BLESSING. So, now, stop reading this, don't waste time, get your college degree.....

    Again: Look up your Bible: Blessings ALWAYS meant = good life, cool life, cash, more cows, more goats, more of everything. Hey Salomon and his 200 Million Dollars where not bad for a blessing.

    Another point (just out of this weeks bible highlights - Bible book of Esther): What where Esther, Mordecai and other israelites still doing in Persia - 60 years after they're other buddies took off to good ol' Israel????? They stayed behind, having better job opportunities and running businesses in Persia, since going back would mean shoveling the dirt and debris and living in a shack, under the priests looks! Where they condemned for doing so? The book mentions these people in a good light - Mordecai was working for the king - full-time - riding his white limousine (eh, horse) and Esther wasn't the little nice pioneer sister with bag that went to the palace to preach to the King. She participated in what I call: "Miss Universe of Persia" and was having a hot, steamy affair with the old king...that she used to her and her peoples advantage. But he WT literature likes to paint her as the brave pioneer sister....

    .....I don't think the King of Persia was playing scrabble with her, when it says: she was pleasing him ;-)

    I mentioned this points in my bible highlights and some JW where having problems digesting it!


  • Hecklerboy
    We do not want God to hold back his rich blessing because of our neglecting the work of magnifying his name.

    And they say it's not a "works" based religion. Yeah right.

  • Kudra

    Just when my (JW) mom was starting to get a life she'll go to the WT study and hear this and get a conscience attack...

    Perhaps I can have a co-conspirator avert her attendance. Little sis saved the day and took her to the coast on the "apostate" WT study.


  • Kudra

    AND, I know this has been said like a gazillion times by all ya'll, but I don't know ANYONE from my scores of evil worldly friends pursuing higher degrees who is getting a degree to get rich. It's about learning about what you love and figuring out how to reason and not get taken in by PSEUDOSCIENCE and FALSE PROPHECY and LIES.


    This is why the U of Awake grads cannot figure things out such as bible chronology, misinterpretation of scientific quotes and how to get rid of that pesky cognitive dissonance.
    Well I guess you can get rid of it by turning off the ol noggin...


  • Super_Becka

    Ugh, that article is absolutely disgusting!! Just another reason for me to be glad that I'm not a JW!!

    If anyone can scan that article, please PM me and I will host the scans for everyone to read.

    elsewhere, if you get a scan of this, be sure to let us know, I want to see this!!

    -Becka :) (of the "proud university student" class)

  • DanTheMan
    ask yourself..priorities.. zeal for Jehovah...fear of man...rich blessing...Is there a lesson in this for us?...Do you not agree...persists

    Ask yourself...could this article be any more loaded with goofy Watchtower-speak?

  • daniel-p

    Yea I just read that artcile myself and got pissed off. I think this is the first time they have blatantly said attending college is "dead works."
    I'll tell you what a "dead work" is: pioneering.

  • DaCheech

    Last month we (ms and elders) had to hear the C.O. in our special meeting do a whole hour lecture on how to counsel people away from higher education using the scriptures

  • serendipity

    Da Cheech, what scriptures were used? It would be interesting to refute their arguments with those scriptures....

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