Parlour Tricks of the Mind

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  • LittleToe

    What shapes does the steam from your coffee take?

    If the first one you pick out reflects work, and the second relationships, how will this affect your plans for the day?

  • LittleToe

    Is the padding firm and spongy, or soft and saggy?






    And why did you take that as a double entendre?

  • diamondblue1974
    And why did you take that as a double entendre

    How did you know I took that to be a double entendre....are you reading my mind Ross?

  • Billygoat
    Is the padding firm and spongy, or soft and saggy?

    And why did you take that as a double entendre?

    Actually, I had no idea what you were talking about. Get thee mind out of the gutter man!!!

  • Navigator

    I have had considerable opportunity to experience what Legolas is talking about. As a Navigator in the USAF I would sometimes find myself on long overwater flights, well outside of the range of navigational aides, and unable to obtain a celestial fix because of overcast skies. I would sometimes get a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was "off course" to the right or left and should alter heading even though I had no logical reason to do so. Over time I learned to trust those feelings and make the course change. I suspect that my "sub-conscious" was processing information that my conscious mind was not aware of and manifesting the result as a bodily "feeling". I developed quite a reputation in my Squadron for being able to navigate with limited navigational equipment.

    A more interesting question regarding the "sub-conscious" is Where is the sub-conscious?

  • deeskis

    too late for me to think clearly!

    Many of the key tools of mysticism amount to parlour tricks to distract the rational mind and let intuition and potentially the avoided truth of a situation to shine through. Usually we don't want to hear it because it might not fit in with our plans. It disturbs us, though we have become well practised at subduing it.

    define mysticism,.......... if you mean religion, then why would the rational mind need distracted to let intuition allow the truth to shine through? does this mean that religion is irational.


  • Legolas

    LOL..Andi...That's right!

    When you dream is the sky blue?

    I do see color but I don't think very often..that I notice or remember anyway.

    But this really bugs me...I can't read in my dreams, I look at the book or letter or whatever it is and it doesn't make any since!

    So can you read in your dream?

    Oh and I can't run away from something chasing me either..I hate those dreams...I always wake up!

  • LittleToe

    What size of box do you compare religion to? Can you give me approximate dimensions?

    Meanwhile, trust the Navigator to steer us into hot waters

    For the moment I prefer the undiscovered country

  • LittleToe

    Letters on a page are symbols that are arranged to form larger symbols.

    If everything you see in a dream is a symbol for the subconscious mind, why would you want to read it with the rational mind in the same fashion? It's surely a different layer of abstraction?

    It's analogous to a dream being a kids picture book - can you read it?

    A picture tells a thousand words.

  • Robdar

    You don't actively work through the steps of breathing minute to minute -- your subconscious mind does that.
    Sorry, to correct you but it isn't the subconscious mind that regulates your breathing, it's the Medulla Oblongota located in the brainstem that controls it. The Medulla Oblongota also controls your heart rate, swallowing, and blinking.

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