HELP PLEASE---family emergency

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  • SPAZnik

    Welcome to the board.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the board apostlestate. It's nice to see you here after all this time.

    Please don't go in with all guns blazing. You will just prove that you are the enemy. I have made that mistake already.

    Just pick one subject. Know it really well.

    You can kill a tree by cutting it off at the roots, much easier than by chopping off its numerous branches.

    607 is a key flaw. If you choose that one, be able to demonstrate it from the Insight books, Babylon book etc. without having to resort to 'worldly' literature. Don't attack them, just ask questions and be firm that you require proof for any of their excuses.

    Keep to the subject. They are well trained in sidetracking you into subjects they are more comfortable with. Don't fall for it.

    You must try to do it so that they think that they are trying to help you. It is a bit of a tightrope walk. Phrase everything very carefully and try very hard not to be antagonistic in any way.

    Good luck


  • jwfacts

    I think the key is to understand what makes your father tick, what is imporant to him. No point bringing up things that will make you sound negative about the WTS that he does not care about anyway.
    What was important to me was that the Watchtower lied about facts, such as when it misquotes sources. If that is important to your father then just something as simple as saying that you stopped trusting the WTS because you compared Watchtower quotes with their sources and found them to be untrustworhty. There are literally hundreds that you could put on a document for him.

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum Apostlestate, you have a lot of creative drive in battling the Watchtower and that is commendable, true a film with a smart script could blow the org apart and it is surprising that no one as yet made even a cheap documentary that would expose them, as someone did for McDonald's fastfood.

    However if you don't want to be disfellowshipped (I guess you are still in) go easy on the issue otherwise do as you wish. The GB has indeed been playing fast and lose with their followers their truth is for ever changing but the real truth never does.

  • Frog

    Good for you apostlestate :) Sounds like you've really taken your time in making the decision to write to your father. I too decided to write to my immediate family about a year ago, it was a work in progress for over 6months. Unlike you I didn't go extensively into disproving doctrine, as I knew that would be a sure way of loosing their attention. So, as you mention, brevity will most definitel be best, before your dad gets the heebejebes! No doubt many others must have compiled similar sorts of information, so hopefully there will be plenty to share what they've put together.

    All the best! frog x

    btw, I agree the WT org deservs more honest exposure than has been given to it. I guess they're not as attention drawing as typical cults, and manage to go under the radar. I hope your efforts are not in vain, and many stand up and listen.

    Look forward to seeing what you put together posted on the forum :) x

  • jwfacts

    Good idea Greendawn, I wonder if Morgan Spurlock, the person that did the Macdonalds story Super Size Me would be willing to do something on the WTS. He recently did a documentary series about living other peoples lives, this would have been perfect for that.

  • KW13
  • greendawn

    JW facts, I believe that even the ex JWs can put together a high impact script and with some imagination create an eye opening film-documentary, I remember also the Blairwitch project that was made with minimal cost.

    There is plenty of material to work with, broken families and suicides, ppl that lost out on a good education and future prospects, the false promises about paradise, blood ban deaths etc, things really emotional, exposure that could really harm the old rapacious wolves.

  • KW13

    that'd be amazing Greendawn!

  • jgnat

    Welcome, apostletate. Your posting has the energy and flavour of someone freshly out of the closet and ready to fire the world with your discovery of freedom. I am very happy for you.

    A word of caution about reasonable, logical letters. They would work great if people were reasonable or logical. But most people are not. Please don't get discouraged if your careful work is trashed with run-arounds and excuses. It's human nature to avoid things that are too uncomfortable.

    If you decide to change your tack, I suggest a slow approach that draws the listener in, depending on their interest in readiness. Jesus did this. He did not heal until he talked to the person first, and asked them what they wanted. (John 4:5-26, Matthew 8:5-13)

    Here's the pattern for whetting someone's interest.

    You: I have doubts.

    Them: What doubts?

    You: (pick one) Well, I have a problem with 607/blood/shunning/FDS/Christmas/JC arrangement.

    Them: What is your problem, maybe I can help. or Oh! I think I smell the toast burning...BYE! (END CONVERSATION)

    You: Well, I have quite a bit of notes. Are you ready for an involved discussion?

    Them: Why yes, this has been an interest of mine for some time. or I'll drop you off the latest magazine. I think I just heard the doorbell....BYE! (END CONVERSATION)

    You: Let's set up a time to go over our notes. What works for you?

    Them: How about next Tuesday? or I miss you at the meetings. The wife just called, gotta go. BYE! (END CONVERSATION)

    All the conversation stoppers mean is that they're not ready yet. You'll get another time and place. Have patience.

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