HELP PLEASE---family emergency

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    I think you need to slow down and not make the same mistake that I did!

    I got angry about my molested daughter being df'd and went on a rant about the Society to a relative - who now, barely speaks to me.

    Ask yourself, "what do I really want?" , "what is most important to me?"

    So, before you get labeled as an 'apostate', I strongly recommend that you slow down and think. You could still claim

    depression and just let the whole thing drop. Then, later on, you could g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y make some discreet points with your

    father, etc. Take it slow. The organization is extremely resistant to 'apostates' and mentally shut off whenever they

    encounter them. I know this can be frustrating but I strongly recommend that you can cause more damage to the organization

    by staying in it ( in name only) than by waiving a protest sign or writing a DA letter.


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    Welcome apostlestate

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    I think this is exactly what you are looking for, apostlestate. BTW---WELCOME!!

    If your dad is online, then you may ask to send him URLS via email. Send him only 1 URL per email and put the topic it relates to in the subject line. For example, one email with subject "UN association verification", and then give the link to the UN's website. You could also add the references to the WT's own statements concerning the UN, so that he can look them up. This way, it comes in smaller pieces instead of an avalanche.

    You could cut and paste alleymom's KISS method for the 607.

    Good luck to you! I hope your family can see the light of truth from you.


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    WELCOME! I feel you 100%, I've been trying to reason with my dad on issues I've been having too, its important to believe that at least your family agree's your not crazy, even if everyone else in the congregation does. Do a google search on 607 or 587 and you'll get tons of good info to use. But I agree with many people here about being careful, is it important to change your dad's mind about what he believe's? Is he happy as a JW?

    Think about this carefully and come to terms with these issues before you decide to say anything, BTW best of luck!

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    Hi apostlestate & benny blanco! Welcome to the forum!

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    oh jeez...

    The fact that jwfacts wasn't able to convince his/her family and they dont talk anymore makes me want to crawl under a rock... It's all the stuff on that made me think I can convince dear ol mum.

    any success stories on de-converting the fam???


  • apostlestate


    Had i known an online exchange would fire me up so much i would have jumped in years ago. Thanks to all for the response..

    I feel the need to give more of my story since i'm getting so much advice (but i'm pumped about the movie idea so i'm anxious to get to that).

    Anyhoo, first off, i'm already disfellowshipped. When i was 17 i was a regular pioneer,and my pioneer partner and i both had aspirations of Bethel. We were such morons, letting all those old fogies pat us on the back and pump us up to go work for free for four years. But you know the deal --we thought we were great and gonna be great. All we had to do was shoot for Bethel and the whole congregation treated us like heroes. Anyway, due to some congregational politics (a few of the elders were jealous of my dad) he got to go and i didnt. However,he had been up quite a few skirts and my nose was clean. I didnt tell on him (a good friend and a bad witness), and during my bitter years i looked back and thought that was the way Jehovah repaid me for not telling on him (NUTZ). But i fell away,and went out into the cold, hard world all by my lonesome, and had a blast. I just figured i would die when armaggedon came and i didnt care. I started chasing tornadoes and before i knew it i'd been on the road for 7 years. Somewhere in colorado i stopped living in hotels for a while, got a laptop and got online.By now i was ready to brave "apostate" material, and, with my new laptopi got a new education. AND BOY DID I GET PISSED. Turns out the whole thing was a dog and pony show and we were all chumps. So now i figured there was no reason for my family to shun me, since the ones who originated the program were full of it. I thought my dad would be quick to jump on the side of real truth, since by now my brother was disfellowshipped and he could have his sons back if he would just listen to me. But it was not to be-- i did not prepare myself well enough, we argued more than we discussed, and i just came off as bitter and ridiculous (but not quite coined an apostate). Since i was alone and away for so long my dad thought i was just confused and needed encouragement. But i accepted the fact that he was SERIOUSLY brainwashed and i would have to get really creative in order to get through to him. It has been 6 more years since then,and ive talked to him maybe 6 times. But there's been a new development..

    I had started chasing storms again, but this time with a new perspective. I had been through the fire with the validity of the Bible (if the WTS was lying maybe the whole Jesus thing was a hoax too) and I came to the conclusion that the prophetic, archaelogical, and historical evidence was too synchronistic to be denied. I still don't think we as a human race have even come close to understanding the words in red, but i prayed and hoped anyway. It was then i began to constantly turn over the objections my father might have in my mind, and it was then i started realizing that even though this was a monumental task, it was not impossible. I was like a pioneer again-- constantly preparing myself for any conversation that i may ever have with a witness. I avoided getting in their face , however, as it could ruin any remaining chance i might have of getting through. Then, two years ago, i met a girl somewhere in the midwest and settled down. (Ironically, she was raised a witness too, but i did not discover this until we'd already fallen for each other.) Then she got pregnant (can you see where this is going?) My dad now has a granddaughter on the way. He wants to re-establish association, of course.

    Not too long ago he told me that if worked up all my objections and wrote them down, he would go to the library, find reasonable answers for me, and we could get past this stalemate. Of course he wants me to come to meetings again, BUT I ALSO HAVE ONE MORE SHOT TO DEPROGRAM HIM. And thats where i am.... hope this wasn't too boring, I feel kinda stupid talking about myself so much--but thats over now and i want to talk brass.......

    I have a lot more to say and i'm anxious to chat about my movie idea more--but i'm running out of room so i'll just post another page.......

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    So i loved all the responses and i soaked them up with a smile--already i think i know what i'm going to say regarding 1914, thanks to the page RINGO5 pointed me to. thanx man. I have yet to look up BEBU's and UNIQUE1's suggested pages ( i was too anxious to respond to this), but i'm sure they will be helpful. JWFACTS --stay with me too please, i have a feeling you've been around the block a few times with this sorta thing--and am anxious to get more input as i post this letter too my dad.

    Aside from the little girl i got coming this is my whole life here folks, really..

    I agree with KUDRA--its nauseating for me to give up on my family-- I JUST WON'T. But what if this doesn't work? What if my dad is not the man of truth and reason that he always claimed to be? What if the organization has some sort of (roll your eyes now) demonic hold on him? What if, God forbid, I never can go home again?

    Then I'm going to scream so loud he can't help but hear. Not literally ,of course, but i'm determined to find a way. It was pondering this possible future tragedy that i came up with and idea for a movie--it has to be something so catchy that the whole country will be abuzz about it. I know my dad--if i got that ballsy he would have to sneak off and check it out (of course i may be pipe dreaming again). I'm not going to give away my storyline just yet, suffice it to say thet i've dreamt up a premise that i feel is riveting. Of course, many fools think they're talented (just watch the American Idol tryouts), but neccesity is the mother of invention, and i want this so bad i that feel like i pulled something out of the air that was just waiting to be born. As i get to know people here better maybe i will reveal more. I've even got a great hollywood type title ( i want so bad to reveal that too, just cause it sounds so cool) but i'm going to look into copyright laws beore i spill my dream onto the net. GREENDAWN, thanks for your post. I just may not be nuts after all..

    O yea-- i had the billboard idea too, BENNY BLANCO, its a great one, i think. If anyone doesn't know--Benny suggested putting up billboards en route to various Kingdom Halls. It might not be that expensive if a lotta people got in on it. The word choice just has to be perfect.

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    tx 4 the link, bebu

    so i need to write in a different format --sorry about the headache paragraphs

    i will begin posting my letter to my dad in a few days --i'll either put it under this subject or a new one called "dear dad"

    explaining 1914 will be easy now--the road is plowed, i'm ready to roll

    love it that i'm not alone on this............

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