Tremendous changes in a short time.....

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I mean if you think about it - and I might be off on the time a little - in the past 6 months we have heard of the following;

    • Elimination of the Hard Cover Bible
    • Reducing of Awake to monthly additions
    • Downsizing at Bethel worldwide
    • Elimination of Bethel Elders

    There may be others that I forgot about. But these are all very significant, and they are all happening at once, in a relative sense.Those of us in the apostate circles may not realize just how the total impact might be on the flock. They are being hit with changes at a pace they have not ever experienced.

    I think all the pieces of the 'puzzle' taken together and at such rapidity means more than as single events. The picture is bleak at Brooklyn. Bleaker than we might think looking at the individual pieces. "Something is afoot, My Dear Watson."


  • joelbear

    naah, same old thing.

  • Kristofer

    how often was AWAKE produced before?

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    how often was AWAKE produced before?

    the awake and watchtower were produced bimonthly. at least they were when i was in. luv, jojo

  • upside/down
  • Elimination of the Hard Cover Bible
    All the goody good Dubbies... get their Bibles rebound anyway...with their initials and/or baptismal date.
  • **** sigh****

    This cult is actually beginning to bore me.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I think a lot of times when they make these changes its just to shake up the R&F. I remember when they brought in the nethenem class one Dub told me 'oh the annointed are getting ready to die and are looking out for us when there gone.' Isnt the partakers number the same as it was 15 yrs ago?

    These changes just gets the uninspired a little motivated because they think the flying saucer is on the move.

  • Severus

    Notes from the inside:

    • Most JWs don't see this as an issue.
    • If anything, they point to it as evidence that Jehovah is "speeding it up" in anticipation of the End.
    • Simplification is a buzzword these days.
  • JH

    Usually changes boil down to saving money.

    Either they are hemoraging or getting stingy.

  • juni

    Keeps them coming to the mtgs. Never know when you might miss some special announcement. If they only knew what we all know. Of course they wouldn't believe it and the org. keeps it shut up.

  • willyloman


    The first three things are about money. The fourth is a recommendation from the legal department, so that means it's ultimately about money, too.

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