Tremendous changes in a short time.....

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  • Finally-Free

    Paperback bibles won't last as long, so people will replace them more often. That means an increase in donations as well as an increase in the amount of books circulated. Looks good on the statistics.


  • RR
    Seriously, what publishers out there make paperback bibles? And how many people flip through their bibles as much as the dubs?

    Believe it or not, there are many Bible Societies that publich paperback versions of the Bible. They simple refer to them as "economy size".


  • LDH

    Hi there RR! Long time no see.

    While this may be true, think of all the stories from the platform that made those little JDubs proud, smiling their holier than thou smile.

    Remember the one about the leather that the society bought to bind some bibles. Many people began noticing the COLOR was wearing off quite rapidly. Society went back to said vendor who was *shocked* to find out that people were actually using their bibles!

    This was good for several chuckles.

    What will they say now? Little Jimmy ripped the cover off of my brand new bible!

    I wonder do these goobers realize Dollar Tree sells paperback bibles for $1. And still makes a profit.


  • insearchoftruth

    Its too bad that with all the bibles the wts puts on the street, they are the 'revised' word of God, modified to match wt doctrines.

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