JW couples don't love each other

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  • cyd0099

    It's not the absence of affectionate actions in the hall that I was thinking of when I first read this post.
    For these dub couples it's the deadness in the eyes, the tension in the air between them. they will place the entire family between them even though the kids don't need the parents' full attention. It's the arriving in separate cars and never even speaking to each other before or after the meetings.
    As I got older and understood what I was seeing, I saw lots of miserable couples.


    Why is it so important for married couples to show affection anywhere outside their home? Who's benefit are they doing it for, themselves or to prove something to other people? Sounds like an insecurity issue if you ask me. So if you dont see couples holding hands or embacing in public you automatically conclude that at home they are the same way? How narrow minded is this point of view. What a stupid comment!

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I never really saw any coldness between couples, quite the opposite. I remember the PO being regarded as quite a raunchy man with his wife, he was a bit of a bum slapper and would often give her pervy little glares at congregation picnics.

    Maybe it was because we were in a small country town congregation....it was assumed that after an evening of square dancing (this is a true story)...everyone was expected to go home and make babies so the congregation would grow.


  • Tez

    Cyd, I noticed it too in all four of the congregations we were in, I felt you could tell just by looking at them who had a good relationship and who didn't. I felt many were just sticking with it for the sake of JWism, and I felt real sorry for them. Although I split up with my husband after I left the organisation we had a good friendship and we weren't prudes, but there were many couples who to me just seemed frustrated in their relationships, I felt real sorry for them.

  • dozy

    Varies from cong to cong. In some , couples were positively entwined during prayers - in others , there was very little physical connection. I would suggest that it isn't always a good guide to marital happiness status - my parents have been very happily married for years yet never even hold hands during the meeting. Another couple virtually had sex during the meetings but it was all a big front to give the impression of a happy marriage - she was having an affair with a young pioneer.

  • truckerann

    I just had to put in my two cents on this thread...I know of a couple who were young when they got married and are only married because the brother doesn't want to stop being an elder...he has been heard to say that he is only with because he doesn't want to lose any privileges in the congregation...they don't even go to the meetings in the same vehicle...it is rather pathletic if you ask me.

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