What do you say in response to this???????

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  • cr1234

    Thank you all for the information and I will let you know how I do when he asks me again. I don't bring it up but he can't stand the fact that I am happy and feel good now that I don't go to the hall anymore.

  • TopHat

    God our Father of all creation is never a NOTHING....AND he has been here long before the Watchtower came into being. God is and always will be here without man made oranizations!

  • Terry

    My Brother in Law wants to know::: If JW's don't have the truth then where do you go to worship? If I had something better then he would follow? I know I have heard this before from JW's but couldn't find the thread to answer him correctly. He said he feels safe at the hall and why would he leave to go to nothing. I said a few things but nothing that really brought the point home that I wanted to make.

    Any suggestions on how to approach this in a logical manner?

    I'd say this:

    Is fellowship with God geography-dependant?

    Is it neighborhood-specific?

    Is it a country club or lodge mentality that brings us our communion with the magnificence of Jehovah?

    Is God one who plays favorites? Is that what Christianity is all about? When scripture says "neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female" does it really mean that? Or, is that just poster rhetoric?

    Why can't God find you where you stand?

    Why can't Jehovah reach you without a name-badge and lock-step?

    Is God like a travelling salesman who only stays at the Ramada Inn? You'll never find him at Motel 6?

    Do you have to wear a pair of silly ears like the Mickey Mouse club to be his sheep? Do you need the secret handshake to make him smile?

    Is that what being a Jehovah's Witness has taught you that you love so much you just have to hang on to?


    Well, if so----

    then why chase Him down and find his secret fortress of solitude in the first place? He is a rather prejudiced and curmudgeonly old fart if he only hangs out with the "in" crowd.

    I personally prefer the idea that God can find you wherever you are because, like the Good Shepherd, he finds his lost sheep and calls to them.

    But, heck---that's just me.

    Join the drones. Become an android. Grab your uniform. Head on out to Highway 1 and pull up a pew. Sit grinning like the village idiot with your fellow numbskulls who drool over their righteous membership in the "only true church".

    Become convinced. Be certain. Keep a fistfull of absolute certainty in your hip pocket. Learn to identify non-members and sneer at them. Clutch that ticket to paradise in your hot little fist as you sing songs of praise in the chorus of "them who know they are right".

    But, excuse me if I don't join your little Mafia of chosen ones and hitmen for God.

    I've got better things to do......


  • TopHat

    I like your comments T.

    What a perfect gospel song for "the church with no name."

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