Cults, Crisis, Concision

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  • greendawn

    Unfortunately the WTS has really duped ppl into thinking that by slaving away for it they slave away for God and will thus receive paradise, it's a simple but clever trick, God doesn't care in the least about a destructive cult and those that sweat away to further its own interests.

    So Richie what will happen with your mother when you do finally leave the cult?

  • cr1234

    I was one of those mother's that freaked when I found out that my kids didn't want the "truth" They helped me to see what was really going on in the world and now I am free of it all.

    So don't give up on your Mother. Let it all sink in and don't hide your feelings. I know one thing I wasn't about to give my kids up for ANYONE OR ANYTHING. What kept running through my mind was that Jehovah gave these children to me as a gift from him.... now they do things wrong and I am supposed to throw them away?????? I wasn't about to give up on my family. Hang in there kid your doing the right thing. Just don't be fresh if you want to get your point across. What impressed my husband and I was the fact that our son was calm and logical about his decisions about religion. It impressed us enough for us to take a look at what we were thinking after 30 years in the org.

  • rebel8
    you can't put promises in an envelope and ship them to Brooklyn's strange he didn't say "ship them to Heaven".....or maybe Brooklyn is more holy to him than Heaven.....

  • Check_Your_Premises
    A metaphorical and lyrical representation of the deep shit that we are all in with our families, our friends, and our Big Brothers at Bethel

    Preach it brother.

    Hang in there. Mine cries one week telling me she isn't happy, and feels like she doesn't even care. Next week she is as zealous and obnoxious as ever.

    But they are our loved ones. We can't just stand by while some theological pimp just smacks our loved ones around like 2 dollar hookers. "Bitch better have my service time!!!"

    Censer Watchtower esse delendam!!!!


  • diamondblue1974

    Hey thats rough...but I can totally understand.

    Its daft, it should be enough that you have agreed to work 50 hours in the ministry and that should be the single most important thing to her in the so called Christian sense; sadly though its not, because in the eyes of the organisation you are nothing without status or title and the pain you see, is her struggle to establish herself and her family socially.

    I feel for you both!


  • blondie

    Officially, parents are not supposed to force their children to pioneer; it is supposed to come from their own hearts. I bet you can't wait to be 18 and out of the house. What will they do, select what job you get, if you will get married, if so, who it will be, how many children you will have, where you will live....

    RR, I see a long road ahead of you of emotional blackmail from your mom (and maybe your dad). I hope you are preparing yourself for the continuing emotional blackmail (onslaught) even after you turn 18 and no longer live at home.


  • Legolas


    If I was still in knowing that it was a lie I would have said.... Don't worry about it it is only a piece of paper I will still put in the hours with you.

    Do you why I would have said that?

    Take a guess!

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  • luna2

    Its hard to explain the mindset of a dub parent, Richie. Its like you've failed when your poor kids don't do whatever it is you think they should be doing for Jebooboo. You're afraid for your kid(s) aren't gonna stick with it, you're afraid you've really screwed up because if you've done it right surely Jah's spirit would have made your children perfect by now, and you're afraid of being criticized or gossiped about by the lubbing "friends" when the perception is that you've "fallen short". All of that fear and the rage it generates often gets vented on your family. Makes for a real healthy situation, as you know.

    Hang in there, kid. Eighteen is coming up soon. Do give some thought to blondie's comments, though. Too easy to let family yank your chain even when you aren't dependant on them any more.


  • Honesty

    I wish I had your brain, Richie.

    I wish everyone on this board had your brain.

    You are too smart to be devoured by the satanic Watchtower cult.

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