Weirdest Person You have ever Dated...

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  • stillAwitness

    The guy I've just started seeing has certainly inspired this thread: He believes television and newspapers only corrupt the mind, practices some weird religion having to do with contacting his ancestors but claims it has nothing to do with demon worship and doesn't even own a cellphone.

    Who can top that?

  • atypical

    My ex girlfriend (jw) kept breaking the windows in my car for the first two years I was married to my wife.

  • stillAwitness

    LOL! Man, atypical! Guess you just got it like that huh?

  • Brigid


    Sounds like this guy could be a real teacher for you. Is it a nature religion? Anyway, don't discount the weird, I can almost guarantee he'll never bore you. And that, my friend, is a treasure!

    Weirdest guy I ever dated.....hmmmm....ok, I have one. Dated a guy from work one time: hot hot HOT physical therapist. Muscles, great hair, great body (did I mention that he had a great body?). Turns out, after I'd scratched the surface, he had OCD. Washed his hands obsessively (I'm all for hygeine but this was super excessive). Nothing on his walls. All these rules about shoes, clothing, etc. Had a difficult time.....being....shall we say.....intimate? Too gross and dirty for him (IMO, it has to be if it's to be done properly!). It was like owning a beautiful Porsche that couldn't drive out of the driveway. So, that lasted about 3 months. Then he started stalking me a bit. Got jealous of my friends, co-workers--everybody. I told him to go take a hike; that he was not even allowed to think about me and that if he did not cease and disist, I would tell our mutual boss. He tried one more time in the parking lot when my best friend was picking me up and she let him have it! They were both yelling at each other, calling each other names.

    He apologized later, seems he was in some therapy and "doing inventory, making ammends". He hinted at the fact that he was getting help maybe wanted to get back together. No way.


  • whyamihere

    That would be my old boy friend in High School.

    He was in to Karate, and Tae Kuando... He would teach me self defense all the time. I didn't mind, until that's all we did on our dates. Funny thing is though I was at the movies with my friends, and he came from behind(scared the hell out of me) pretending to attack me. When I used some of the moves(with out knowing it was him) he was mad that I was able to kick his ass! He even scrutinized the attacking.

    Afterward, I broke up with him.


  • misanthropic

    I dated a guy for a short period of time who was gone alot since his job required alot of traveling. He always had alot of money and dressed really nice. He was going to meetings at the Kingdon Hall every now and then and I was no longer going at that point. But he was incredibly romantic and would come by my work with flowers and take me to lunch when he wasn't on a "business trip". He even partied with me and several of my friends at a club on several occasions. He seemed like such a great guy. But then I found out he was still married, so I broke it off. Shortly thereafter he was arrested for bank robbery. he aparently would leave for his "business trips" out of town and rob a bank and then return. If I hadn't seen it on the news and in the paper myself, I would never have believed it.

  • lonelysheep

    A guy I dated in high school was big into "Magic" cards. They were cards with demons on them, if I remember correctly. He seemed amazed by them and his really enjoyed trading for his collection.

    Those things scared me even though I wasn't even studying w/the jw's at that time.

    And, not only did it seem like I was suddenly dealing with a 10 year old kid, but I actually felt out-geeked! That was weird.

  • luna2

    I haven't dated much...Got married when I was 20 and when the divorce came through I was a full-fledged dub with two kids and no desire to get married again.

    I did go out to dinner with a "brother" a couple of years ago, but it wasn't really a "date". When he called to ask me out, he made it very clear that he wasn't looking to get married. I guess he didn't want me to get the wrong that he was actually interested in me or something. Hmmm, that's flattering. I was curious, though, so I went.

    He talked all about his ex-wife and all of her problems in graphic detail. He talked about their honeymoon and why they broke up...again in more detail than I wanted to hear. After dinner we stopped at a book store, which was fine with me as I love books, but he made sure to inform me that we'd go our separate ways once we got in there, no looking at stuff and discussing it together or anything like that. I didn't have a problem with that, just wondered why he felt he had instruct me not to act too much like a girlfriend or like we were "together". Sheesh, I got the point already, you goofball, its not a date. Fine.

    On the way back to the store (where I'd left my car), he asked if I wanted to go for icecream, but I was done. He probably would have wanted me to wait in the car so nobody saw us together. Ugh!

    I was uncomfortable with the conversation and embarrassed that he apparently didn't want to be seen with me. The whole experience had given me a headache and was rather insulting. Frankly, I'd rather have stayed home and read a book.

  • Super_Becka

    Weirdest guy I've ever dated?? Well, I've had the grand total of two boyfriends in my entire life, one of which I'm currently dating, and I think they both rank pretty high on the weirdness scale:

    Boyfriend #1 - high school crush, first boyfriend, cheater

    This guy was definitely an oddball. First and foremost, he's an actor - amateurly in high school, and he's currently studying here at my university for a degree in acting - so, no offence to any actors out there, but actors tends to be a little "weird" overall. He was also socially inept, he really doesn't know how to deal with people, so he's always cracking some weird, dumb joke, but it's very obvious that he's uncomfortable around groups of people.

    Also, he's a member of the Salvation Army, meaning that he is staunchly opposed to drinking and sex before marriage. When we first started dating, he said that he admired that I'm a virgin and that I don't drink. The fact that I've never had a drink before was, apparently, one of the main things that attracted him to me. He said he could never date someone who drank, not even a little bit. And he's very religious and goes to church every Sunday and has a special uniform for church and attends a church group, and all of that. His family is also very religious - his parents are very active in the Salvation Army and his three older sisters are all youth pastors and married to pastors.

    Funny thing about this guy - he'd swear like a sailor, watch the most violent movies, play the most vulgar and violent video games, and then look down on someone for having a glass of wine with their family during Christmas dinner. Nice.

    Remember how I said that he admired my abstinence from sex and alcohol?? His current girlfriend, the one he cheated on me with, is a party animal, heavy drinker and sex fiend. Hmm.

    Boyfriend #2 - Internet guy, long-distance, American

    This is my current boyfriend, and he's one of the weirdest people I know. He's a university graduate with a good job and his own apartment and car and all of that, he lives comfortably and never has to worry about money, has everything that he might want or need, but he still had the mentality of a 14-year-old. How he can take care of himself, I don't know, his maturity level is way down. He is able to take care of himself well, though, his apartment is clean and tidy, he pays his bills on time, he has everything that he needs and he even had a cat, so he is competent, if not mature.

    He's also a Jehovah's Witness, need I say more?? He's beyond socially inept, there's no word to describe how socially stunted he really is, he has absolutely no social skills. He doesn't understand a lot of basic social functions and he had no idea how to interact with people. He's also very judgemental about a lot of things - blood donors (like me), holidays, seasonal decorations, people who celebrate anything and enjoy it, etc. - and all of his biases and prejudices come from the WTS, so I don't blame him for them. He's also highly sensitive about any bad-talk about the WTS - he gets very defensive if he perceives any attacks on his faith, even when no attack is present. He nearly bit my head off when he brought up the failed 1975 prophecy and I said that I'd heard of it.

    He's also never had a girlfriend before, so in a lot of ways, he's just like a horny teenager. Hey, he's 28 years old and I'm his first girlfriend, this sort of thing should've happened 10 years ago or more, but nope, he hadn't even kissed a girl until I kissed him, and believe me, it was very obvious - that wasn't a first kiss worth remembering, that's for sure. He's trying to learn the ropes on dating and relationships and all of that, and as little experience as I have with dating, I look like a dating expert when compared to him. He's surprisingly good with some aspects of a relationship, though - he definitely knows how to treat a girl and make her feel special and loved - but he's still learning the ropes on compromise. So far, the only one compromising is me, so that's gonna have to change.

    So it would appear that I'm a "weird guy" magnet, if nothing else. I also seem to always find myself tangled up with conservative religions.

    I think I'm wearing a billboard that says, "Wanted: Weird, inept guys from conservative religions, call ###-####, ask for Becka".

    I don't even know what it's like to date a normal guy!!

    -Becka :)

  • joelbear

    i am the weirdest person i've ever dated.

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