BETHEL NEWS: Bethel Elder Arrangement to be dissolved as of Aug. 31, 2006

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  • Elsewhere

    One thing for certain, the GB are eliminating their Middle Managers.

    I've seen many corporations perform cut-backs by eliminating the Middle Management but I never really understood the business reason for this, other than monetary cut-backs. Anyone know of any other reasons a corporation would eliminate the Middle Management?

    One side effect is certain: There will be a power vacuum as a result of this and this power vacuum will have to be filled by someone.

  • metatron

    Suppose you travel as a Bethel elder to give a talk. You run over somebody and they sue you and the Watchtower Society

    as your "deep pocket" employer! The GB may be doing this to reduce the possibility of getting sued by reducing Bethel elder

    speaking trips. Remember that they lost 1.55 million dollars for an incident just like this.


  • candidlynuts

    not just the liability issue............ i was just thinking about big corperations middle management....middle management is in place to process data from lower management and find ways to increase profits before they report to upper management.. IT has helped eliminate a lot of middle jobs in that computers do the processing of info for the big guys... .the bethel elders are more sitters and PR men. they dont increase profits. the wtbs is all about profit now. so why wouldnt they get rid of them? after all the branches are letting a lot of bethel workers go as well.. its always about money.

  • willyloman
    Anyone know of any other reasons a corporation would eliminate the Middle Management?

    A large corporation with offices in our area slashed a bunch of middle managers when they were downsizing. They eventually declared Chapter 11 and had to "reorganize." I suppose thats too much to hope for w/respect to the WTS.

  • Frog

    Amazing isn't it, if they were a company & not "gods spirit directed earthly organisation" (HA!) they would have to supply some sort of policy to show transparency outlining the reasons for the change. Instead the fatso's at the top convene secretly and make decisions that affect hundreds of people worldwide and feel no need to state their reasons to the plebs. Ah, but I guess jehoba's annointed know best! (puke). x

  • What-A-Coincidence
  • stillajwexelder

    There is nothing scriptural about a Bethel Elder - but there is for an elder

  • ballistic

    Perhaps they took a fresh look at pyramidology and relaised you can't have a level of management only representing a small sub section of the lower organisation.

  • jgnat

    The reason that big corporations get rid of middle management is because the guys on top have no idea what they do. The thought behind this idea was, "Cut them out and see what falls apart". This strategy has already proven to be flawed in private industry.

    I can tell you what middle managers do. They fill out all the freaking paperwork. They protect line staff from outrageous demands from the Ivory Tower. They keep upper management from making Really Big Mistakes, because it is impossible for upper management to be cognizant of all the details of their business.

    So good on you, Watchtower, for implementing an outdated strategy.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    What I think (as if anyone really cares) as to why this went down.

    Becoming a Bethel Elder is a goal that most if not all brothers had in Bethel. MANY got upset because so and so got appointed and not them.

    So GB said, damm this, erase this non biblical appointment, all these stupid issues are taking up valuable time.

    Yes folks, I think this is why. Anyone agree, disagree, could care less

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