BETHEL NEWS: Bethel Elder Arrangement to be dissolved as of Aug. 31, 2006

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  • truth_about_the_truth

    Dogpatch, that was fantastic!

  • Dogpatch

    This is also the time when Ray was kicked out, and in the pressroom Tom Cabeen and I put together this secret book all about the apostasy:

    Cabeen's Secret Book

    Created by Watt (Randy Watters) at the peak of the "great apostasy" witch hunt (to eradicate Bethelites who dared keep their common sense and personal dignity) in early 1980 as a "going away" present for Tom and Gloria Cabeen. Tom was the Pressroom Overseer and he and his wife were very close with Ray and Cynthia Franz, Ed Dunlap, and many others who were later disfellowshipped for apostasy or asked to leave Bethel for the same reason. Randy was Tom's assistant at the end.

    THE END...

    How final it sounds!

    But it wasn't the end.

    It was only the beginning of troubles for the Watchtower.

    Read on!

    IF YOU DARE!!!

    Note: All cartoons were made in the pressroom during working hours.

    witch hunt part I: the Bible Becomes "Suspicious"

    witch hunt part II: Inquisition

    Quak's secret cartoons from the pressroom

    Pressroom Conversion Tales

    back to Bethel!

  • Dogpatch

    The Bethel Chronicles:

    Stories from Bethelthe

    Inside chronicles from the Brooklyn headquarters of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Dedicated to the thousands who have donated years of their lives inside the walls of Bethel.

    former Bethelites Guest Book

    Real comments from the morning Bethel tables (NEW) Letters to the Governing Body (collection) (NEW) UPDATE on new members of the Governing Body (8/25/05) Barbara Anderson's Anecdotes from Life at Bethel (NEW)
    Mark Palo: I was molested by a member of the Governing Body Homosexuality at Bethel and among members of the Governing Body Twenty-Five Years after Bethel - friends reunited Bethel, the Truth, and Pleasing Your Parents Subliminal Art in Watchtower Publications by Bethel Artists The Four Presidents of the Watch Tower Society All About the Governing Body My Letter to officials re: the DUMBO property: WT plans to build new buildings (new 12/16/03) My Two Week Consulting Trip to Bethel (new 9/5/03) Department Heads at Brooklyn Bethel & Patterson (new 9/12/00) QUAK'S CARTOONS reveal inside secrets! A Sect Grows in Brooklyn The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society: The Critical Years 1975-1997 the Franz incident Fred Franz Discredits Concept of a "Governing Body" My letter to the Governing Body in 1980 (letter of disassociation)What Happened at Bethel in the Spring of 1980 (first eyewitness account printed in 1981) $$$$
    the Presidents
    the Governing Body the Governing Body Grows Old
    their neighborhood
    review of Crisis of Conscience (book by Raymond Franz)
    Randy's Scrapbook from Bethel - fellow workers pictures
    testimonies of former Bethel workers former Gilead registrar Ed Dunlap's notes political cartoons from inside Bethel
    Armageddon Museum View from my room at Bethel (circa 1978) with Twin Towers at sunset

  • sir82
    I suspect Teddy Jaracz is getting jealous of the power of these SS troops and wants it all to himself. They would certainly be the first segment of the Borg to go apostate, if any. Like when Rutherford cleansed the congregation overseers and made "elders" who he wanted to. Big move, and I doubt it is financial.


    So, this may be some sort of pre-emptive strike to ward off mass defections and/or apostasy?

    Are the cracks in the tower growing?

  • Dogpatch

    Terry was right, we were more like the Gestapo. Cops!


  • AuldSoul

    Currently, GB decisions are made by 2/3 majority vote. Jaracz has a handpicked GB who sniff his, um, who are hopelessly enamored with him. If ever there was a time to elevate himself to the title of "the Faithful and Discreet Slave," now would be the time—before the new appointees become disillusioned or start to seek power for themselves.

    But first, all other authority structures near the top have to be destabalized or eliminated. Otherwise, people will be more concerned with what is going on around them than with what is happening (or may happen) to themselves personally.

    Power corrupts. Power seeks power. Authority breeds contempt. He may be thinking that a loss of 3 million hangers-on might strengthen his organizational base in the long run.

    I agree with Randy that this is a move to consolidate power and weed out undesirables in the ranks. BTW, undesirables should be very proud to be cast off by the likes of Theo Jaracz and his Theo-cratic rule.


  • sf


  • VM44

    Hi Dogpatch,

    "they later came up with the "ten questions" that were asked of a suspect."

    What are these 10 questions? I would like to know what is asked of a person who is being subjected to a Watchtower "inquisition".


  • tijkmo
    Very young brothers or those new in the Bethel family

    who have not demonstrated their qualifications long

    enough would most likely not be recommended

    although they may be chosen by jehovah to be annointed co-rulers with christ

  • tijkmo
    If the speaker is married and his wife travels with him, she must pay her own fare as it is not covered by the branch

    is that not just about as sad as it gets

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