BETHEL NEWS: Bethel Elder Arrangement to be dissolved as of Aug. 31, 2006

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  • ohiocowboy
    Bethel elders are those who

    qualify to serve in a special capacity in Bethel in addition

    to their assignment as elders in a congregation.

    Seems that maybe since Elders in a Congregation can potentially be sued individually, the Headquarters don't want Elders at Bethel, to avoid any litigation at the top...

  • atypical

    Bethel elders are very important. They make sure that nobody blows their nose without leaving the room and so forth.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    sounds kinda like a purge to me....

    ...crumbling, ideologically bankrupt, totalitarian regimes always turn on themselves.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Are these the same guys who show up as "Bethel Speakers" at conventions?

  • Forscher

    Boy, that one is going to piss some folks off! After all the brown-nosing to get that little piece of power and then lose it. Ouch!!!


    Exactly what Blondie said. I am sure as was mentioned there may be a legal reason behind the move. Ultimately though a Bethel elder means nothing to avergage Joe publisher beyond showing up at their district conventions to give talks and release literature. At Bethel though being a BE is something to aspire to, another carrot for elders at bethel to chase. Its a power position with prestige at the big house and if you are not one then there is something wrong with you if you've been there for a long time.

  • juni
    Bethel elders sit at the head and the foot of the tables in the dining rooms and "maintain order" and check up on those seated there. Can't miss too many breakfasts or be late or sick too often and they check up on you. Any reports about bad behavior are checked into by them. I think you have to be a Bethel elder to be in a supervisory position at Bethel.

    with these guys gone - FOOD FIGHT!!

  • codeblue

    wow....I never heard of the term: "Bethel Elder".... so they have duo eldership? Makes me laugh just thinking about how unbiblical it is.

  • Uzzah

    The biggest perk to be made a Bethel Elder is the free trips across the country as a bethel speaker.

    Also the ego stroke of being a table head or foot... effectively lording it over the lesser ones in the big house.

    This has long been a controversial arrangment. One standard for congregational elders and another for bthel elders (superfine apostles was one reference I heard on occasion in this regard). I figured this would happen eventually. I am surprised it took this long but those making the policy change are also ...Bethel Elders. Kind of a vested interest.

    Thsi was a logical step after they abolished the special approval process for bethelites getting appointed in a congregational role (MS or Elder). It used to be that your table head, home overseer or work overseer could veto a congregational recommendation for appointment.

    That said, the title may be gone but the power hungry, position seeking, arrogance will continue.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Holy Crapola!!! Are you serious? That was one of my goals!!! I remember one bethelite fought hard to become a bethel elder. It was hard for him because an elder in his group did not approve. Anyway, he told me that that elder had issues with him. But later on he became one. And funny thing is that the one who had issues with him got disfellowshiped from Bethel.

    They usually make announcements once a year to tell the bethel family that new bethel elders have been appointed.

    I would be pissed if I was working hard at Bethel to become one ... to become one your "Elder Group" has to approve... they look at your records ... morning worship attendance, they talk to your home overseer to see if you have any complaints from your housekeeper, your congregation elders to see how regular you are, etc.

    HOt damm! If I was at Bethel right now I would peace out!

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