People who read the WT are MEAN!

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  • kristyann

    I am having kind of a bad day. I know that I really should not complain... I know that I have things so much better than most people on this planet, and everyday that I wake up with my health and a roof over my head and something to eat, I am having a GREAT day compared to most. But anyway... I guess I am just in a bad mood or something. I went to get my hair done today, and I found out that 2 of the girls that work there are JWs that go to the same Kingdom Hall that my boyfriend's parents go to. I am so annoyed about that because we all know how JWs like to talk... now what if those girls talk to his parents about me or something? I am just paranoid that I am going to get brought up in conversation... especially considering they have seen him with me before and probably recognize him as being the "apostate" son of some people from the KH.

    But anyway... what makes me even MORE annoyed is that today when I was throwing out some Watchtowers at our laundry place, A LADY WAS SITTING THERE READING ONE and she CHASTISED ME FOR THROWING THEM OUT. What the heck. I have never seen anyone reading them before. She must be a real moron if an article like "The Tomato: A Very Versatile Vegetable" attracted her attention. Anyway, I didn't realize she was reading one while throwing the others out... I wasn't even anywhere near her. She was in a totally different corner of the building. It's not like I took the one out of her hand and ripped it up or something. I am just so annoyed because I throw things out, trying to do my part to keep people from a destructive, deadly cult that kills children, molests them and tears apart families.... and then the idiots that I am trying to help YELL at me. How stupid. I guess I shouldn't be upset about this... but I am. It makes me think... why do I even bother throwing them out? Why do I even bother trying to warn people about JWs? These people that I try to HELP are total imbeciles... not only that, they are REALLY MEAN. I don't really wanna get into what she did... but she could have been nicer if she was really so concerned.

    That's what gets me... why does it seem like whenever we try to help someone, we end up being the ones to get screwed over? My boyfriend and I tried to warn his parents about all of the sick stuff that goes on with JWs... we tried to tell them about all the information we found... we tried to do it in a loving manner. Of course, they can do whatever they want... and you can say it's none of our business, but I think it was our business when it came to his younger sibling's lives being in danger. We tried to HELP these people... and what do we get? Chased, screamed at, threatened, assaulted (in my boyfriend's case, I was not personally assaulted) and the POLICE called on us for taking his brother and sister out for ice cream. It's not like we kidnapped them... they went with us WILLINGLY and we returned them in an hour! They wanted to see their brother that they weren't supposed to be talking to! I don't know, I am just exasperated. That lady that was a witch to me really set me off... why do I even bother trying to help anyone? The people that I am nicest to always screw me over or are just plain evil to me...

    Why do I try to help ANYONE? Has anyone else found that you don't like the majority of people on this planet? That's how I feel right about now. There aren't too many people that I like. I normally am so cheerful and so happy and so kind to everyone but this is getting old.

  • upside/down

    I have bumper sticker on my truck...

    "Losing faith in humanity, one person at a time"

    It's tongue in cheek...but makes my point.


  • Odrade

    She was probably a witness, hoping to strike up a conversation with you about the "fascinating article she was reading discussing tomatos." You coming in and throwing her magazines away foiled her master plan and she didn't get to count her time.

  • insearchoftruth

    Hello Kristyann,

    Keep being the happy and cheerful person that you normally are and try to put all that stuff behind you, I know it is not easy, but in the long run will be worth it. I agree that the dubs tend to be generally mean, unless they are knocking on your door or you are entering their kh, in either case being a possible convert. But if you have resisted them or seem to be causing a dub to start to resist, you are immediately equated with satan, because in thier feeble minds and by their misguided interpretations of scripture, they are the only ones in the truth.

    It amazes me when people who are jws will let their organization come between family, but shunning is not a myth, in fact it is well documented. I can not believe that the members of the jws state that one of the reasons that they are the chosen few is that one of the characteristics God uses to identify a true religion is "God's people show genuine, unselfish ove for one another", but from what I have seen unless you are a dub, they don't show you any, because you are not 'in the truth' and will just be annihilated at armageddon anyhow. Actually on a pro-jw reform site the author of an article titled "Are Jehovah's Witnesses the Only True Religion?" even states that the witnesses fail to measure up to this standard.

    People are difficult to understand Kristyann, just continue to be the good person you and in the long run it shall be for your best.

  • lilybird

    Well I know it is annoying and frustrating,, but lots of people have problems and crap going on in their lives and the first person in their line of vision at that time , gets the brunt of their frustration,,She was probably just venting on you..I see people like that in the grocery store.. driving their cars... its a stressful society.. don't give up on everyone because some are self-centred . Look at all the new posters here...we have to be getting thru to someone some point..

  • carla

    You let jw's work on your hair!! Wow! your brave! I would never let someone from my jw's hall work on mine, I'm sure they all know my opinion of them! I'm afraid I would come out bald or something!

    As for the mean lady? ignore her maybe she will go away. Or next time tell her,' you are getting rid of this evil cult inspired apostate material before it damages some poor family by getting involved with a pedophile protecting org, etc............' just keep smiling and go off an a tangent like they do and don't give her a moment to get a word in edgewise. I know, I know, the ex's here will say that will just reinforce her view of worldlies, but really, they think we are walking dead anyway. If she can sit there in a public place reading that crap I doubt she is ready to hear any real truth anyway.

  • kristyann

    Haha, no, the JWs are not the ones who do my hair. One of them is the receptionist and the other is a girl that does people's hair, but NOT mine.

  • Swan

    You could always have some fun with the situation and tell her you were only following orders. Explain that you were at a séance last night and the spirit you were in contact with told you to come to this particular place and get rid of those magazines.

    As long as they are already in a cult, it can't hurt much more to mess with their minds a bit.


  • Legolas

    I'm looking forward to the day when I see them in an office or laundromat.....I will have fun let me tell ya!

  • Gretchen956

    I'm not sure which I would choose on any particular day if I were in your situation at the laundrymat! Some days it would be the mess with their head thing, and other days it would be the expose on child abuse, blood, etc. I haven't seen the magazines laying around, but I think I would be more apt to take a huge red marking pen and put some websites all over the pages. Like, for example or freeminds, etc. Lots of good ones.

    At any rate, don't let the turkeys get you down! Sorry you have had it so rough lately!



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