People who read the WT are MEAN!

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  • just2sheep

    "...she could have been nicer if she was really so concerned."

    could you have been nicer?

    "...the people that i am nicest to always screw me over or are just plain evil to me..."

    welcome to my world.

    seriously, you do sound like a caring person and you need to hold on to that and keep in mind that you can't control how others act; you can only control how you react to what they say or do. keep on smiling...

  • jojochan
    why does it seem like whenever we try to help someone, we end up being the ones to get screwed over? My boyfriend and I tried to warn his parents about all of the sick stuff that goes on with JWs... we tried to tell them about all the information we found... we tried to do it in a loving manner. Of course, they can do whatever they want... and you can say it's none of our business, but I think it was our business when it came to his younger sibling's lives being in danger. We tried to HELP these people... and what do we get? Chased, screamed at, threatened,

    Believe me, I've been there/done that.

    One thing I have to keep telling myself is that as in regards to the older ones that are "die hard" in it. DON'T try and convert them, it won't work, in my case they looked at me like I did'nt know what I was talking about, because of my age. They're too set in their ways and it would take something in "their" little box to shake their faith in the collective in order to believe the real truth. The thing you guy's have to do is work on the youth. The young are more open to different points of views than certain older people, especially those that are seriously devout dubs, and you know that and your boyfriend knows that as well.

    As for throwing out literature, the more you throw out, the more it feeds into their conviction that they're being persecuted.

    And they love that. Trust me, I've seen it TOO many times.

    Creat more subtle ways for those on the outside to see the organization for what it really is, be creative like those truth commercials they have on tobacco companies, many , many creative ways to grab a persons attention.

    You gotta do more than tap someone on the shoulder nowadays...Ya gotta clash cymbals and flash bright lights, nice shining lights, if you wanna spread the word.

    But I would focus on living, breathing, and enjoying the love you and your man share right now, right now is what matters. Cherish those days; these days as if they were your last.

    The biggest anti drug to their "religion" is TIME.

    But don't be suprised at that. Unfortunatley...there will ALWAYS be somone that will still believe that pig's fly , and that all that glitters is gold.

    Enjoy YOUR life....Be happy and bright.

    The organization? You should say to yourself,"what organization?" They'll only have hold on you if you allow it to.

    You're too happy and special a soul to let them make you feel this way...F&*K 'em.



  • whyizit

    Whenever you try to thwart Satan's organization, he is going to throw people in your way to try to dissuade you. This religion is a lie and Satan is the father of lies. And he doesn't like it when someone tries to steal souls back from him. So, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

    If anyone admonishes you for throwing them out again, just tell them you are going to send them to a friend, and you can send them to ME! I love picking those things to pieces. It helps me to line up my questions and I am ready to ask, ask, ask, when they hand me one. Helps to make them think and gives me practice for the next one.

    Please, don't get discouraged. If you learn effective methods of witnessing, you could help your boyfriend's family to be free one day. Just don't get impatient and don't try to come off like you are teaching them. That will send them in the worng direction. God bless you! You care, and that is going to mean a lot.

  • rebel8

    The next time you see her, give her one of these and see if she still is mad the tomato articles are being thrown away.


  • kristyann

    Thank you, everyone, for all your love, advice, hard-earned experience, and kind words. You have no idea how much I appreciate it and how much I enjoy being able to talk to someone about this kind of thing.

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