Other brushes with greatness

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  • Outaservice

    Sister Knorr and Fredie Franz are classed as 'Greatness'?????????????

    Outaservice (Who once shook hands with Bill Smith)

  • blondie

    Blondie shook hands with Outaservice.

  • Billygoat

    I've known Jst2lws and Joyzabel since I was a little kid. Yes, they are as wonderful in person as they seem on the board.

  • rekless

    I was a close friend of Dwayne Blackwell song writer of "Friends in Low Places, "I'm Gonna Hire A Wino to Decarate my House," 1959 hit "Mr Blue" when he lived in Clearlake, Ca.

  • Nina

    I read some of Blondie's posts.


  • Celia

    I shook hands with SIMON . . .

    I have kissed LITTLE TOE, on both (face) cheeks (A la Francaise)

    I have talked with FARKEL on the phone . . .

    I sat behind PAUL BREMER, at a book reading by his wife.

    I was 2 feet away from KEN BURNS, at a Medieval Fair....

  • rebel8

    I served breakfast to Jake the Snake and some midget wrestlers when I was a waitress. Jake was so mean I cried. (I was a young sheltered little dubbie.) He was pissed because he was too big for the chairs and the midgets were mad because they were too small for the chairs. (Goldilocks should fit into that story somewhere.) Jake got madder when it took 15 minutes to boil the dozen eggs he ordered. He took it out on me by loudly berating me and yelling.

    Why are we so fascinated with fame?

  • rekless

    Why are we so fascinated with fame?

    Because we ain't.

  • bigmouth

    bigmouth shook hands with his old feller once.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    On a flight from Memphis to La Guardia, I got bumped into first class through pure luck, and my life was a Seinfeld episode for at least 3 hours! No prewarmed towels, but it definitely WAS a much better experience that flying coach!

    I sat next Drea de Matteo from "The Sopranos" and "Joey". I did my best to play it cool, didn't bug her while she was working over her script. We actually chatted up for a bit while waiting to taxi in.

    And, then, afterwards, we met for drinks at Tavern on the Green, and then, back at my suite, we...oh, wait, that last part didn't happen.

    But it was pretty cool sitting next to one of the Sopranos, even if they did kill her off a year later on the series....

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