Zealous JW`s having children......

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  • sammielee24

    Might not be a politically correct thought to have - but - I've asked myself and a few exjw's why any zealous witness has any children at all? It is obvious that their first allegiance is to the watchtower so in the event that their child is df'd or da'd, they enforce the shunning rules and bury their kids. This causes nothing but pain, heartache and a lot of turmoil for the offspring. If your first allegiance is not to your family and you choose to put the watchtower first at all times, even to the point of killing them off by shunning or allowing them to die by order of the societies blood directives, then I question why bother? Why not just pioneer and devote all of your energy and your love to the organization? As a group we can discuss with shock and disgust those parents who hit the news with charges of severe child abuse that sometimes leads to death yet, we champion harsh penalties for them yet the type of abuse that JW parents can inflict on their kids who leave the society for whatever reason, simply goes unchecked by society. Anyway, just my humble thoughts....sammieswife.

  • Elsewhere
    fall pregnant

    Do people use this term only when the prego is not wanted?


  • littlerockguy
    I'll never forget the summer convention of 1987 ... there was a stern talk..... I don't remember the details, but the just of it was how we are in the time of the end, and how inappropriate it was to be planning families at this time . I was 8 months pregnant at the time and thought- what crap ! Another sister in the hall was pregnant too ,she said she felt like crawling under her seat. Now both of our kids are graduating High School this year !

    I will never forget that either. That was the DC I was baptized at; and I thought it was ironic that the WTS said this and many elders and others wouldn't repeat that counsel to couples but would drill in no higher education to young people just getting out of high school and starting on with their lives.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    The JW attitude about having children is really pathetic, amazing that some people actually feel guilty about getting pregnant, since of course the end is soon. I wonder if the Society will kick themselves on this one, when maybe they should of encouraged people to have more kids, this could of kept the religion going longer, with less and less young ones, and more and more youth saying "see ya later", makes you wonder how long the Watchtower can keep going.

    The best one by the Society, was the calendar of 2005, July month, if anyone can post this PLEASE DO. It shows the control of the society and the stupidity, and also shows where these zealous JW's get there ideas.


  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    might of been August 2005

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I know exactly how it feels. My inlaws were very, very anti children and expressed those views quite frequently. When their daughter became pregnant the first time, the second time and the third time, there was no joy, just disappointment that they couldn't wait until the new system to have children. My sister-in-law was so unhappy she cried all of the time about being pregnant. (Of course, this was back in the 80's when those d.c. talks were coming out about not having children.) I saw her pregnant on the third one and the only thing the in-laws could say was poor poor girl. It was rather disgusting. She, my sister in law, was only concerned about how she was going to continue to regular pioneer, this was though tears as well. Ones in the congregation were always saying how the young couples should wait until the new system to have children.

    When I finally became pregnant, there was no congratulations from the in-laws. But at least they knew that we were happy about the gift from God. They certainly arn't grandparents either. They have never shown any concern for my son. When he has been sick they don't even call to check on him.

    The organization has made it a sin to even think about having children. This is just another instance where they have twisted the few scriptures in the Greek where it even mentions children.

    My aunt, who is way past child bearing years, hates my mother because she has children. Her and her husband were going to wait until the new system to have children. Now they are older and bitter because of the choice that was forced upon them.

  • upside/down

    Yup... it made me sick.


  • MinisterAmos

    If the GB really felt that "the end were near", they would be making plans.

    Buying 6 Billion body bags would be on the list, condo conversions probably not.


    Whats ironic about this is the fact that here in the U.S. this is the main way that the congregations grow now particularly in the english circuits which is most of the country anyway.

  • target

    After the summer of '87 lecture not to have children, an elder and his wife decided to go ahead and have the second child they had been wanting.

    As he stood in the back of the hall holding the new baby, an older very self rightious sister congratulated him"even if it was not right that they had another baby".

    The baby is all grown up. the older self rightious sister is dead.


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