Zealous JW`s having children......

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  • jambon1

    When we had our children we planned them. We made this known to any in the cong who asked if we 'got a surprise' when we found out we were pregnant. We basically said, 'No, we wanted children'.

    This `admission` surprised some and they made this abundantly clear. (self righteous gits)!!

    We were alays known as liberal dubs and we just never cared what others thought of anything we did in life.

    However, I have regularly watched zealous dubs who fall pregnant defend themselves for the sin of desiring to have kids. They always 'lied'?? that the pregnancy was`nt planned etc etc. That way they could still look 'spiritual' - you know, keeping in mind we are in the last days etc. LOL.

    Did anyone else experience this type of self-righteous, wacked behaviour?

  • dozy

    Never heard of this.

  • anewme

    Way back in the early part of the 20th century it was highly discouraged to have children.
    Even as recent as the late 60s and early 70s there was trememdous pressure to actually consider living the single life in serice to God. Its advantages were spelled out in article after article. Many of us considered it until our bodies and drives dictated otherwise.

    I came from an affluent congregation. As of 2001 the consensus was that children are a blessing and sisters were overjoyed with one another when a pregnancy was announced and gone were the innappropriate inquiries into a couple's sexual lives.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I'll never forget the summer convention of 1987 ... there was a stern talk..... I don't remember the details, but the just of it was how we are in the time of the end, and how inappropriate it was to be planning families at this time . I was 8 months pregnant at the time and thought- what crap ! Another sister in the hall was pregnant too ,she said she felt like crawling under her seat. Now both of our kids are graduating High School this year !

  • MinisterAmos

    The thing here is that even though the ritual might change, the R/F is going to keep it up just because the leadership is so weak or the instructions so vague.

    That said, the WTBS still finds those who waste gloriously donate their lives in full'time service as the most spiritual.

    Ask me about the couple in their 30´s who STILL are unfamiliar with the mechanics of sex after 7 years of marriage, or the 30ish FT Pioneer couple who will have their kids in the ´new system´ even as Brooklyn is planning 20 and 30 year construction projects.

    Hope someone goes postal there one day for all the lives these jerks have wasted.

  • carla

    Is this attitude still present today? When I mention things like this, my jw insists that may have happened long time ago but not now. He says 'many of my friends have young children'. Well, duh, that's not the point! Point is, how are couples made to feel at this 'joyous' news?

  • jaded

    When I announced that I was pregnant back in the '80's one old sister said very sympathetically to me "oh, it is hard not to get pregnant". I was stunned even though I knew that we were constantly being told not to have children. All I remember is my chin hitting the ground in disbelief. I hope I had sense enough to tell her that the baby was planned! Here I am twentysome years later enjoying three grandchildren! They are the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and me!

  • tijkmo
    I'll never forget the summer convention of 1987 ... there was a stern talk..... I don't remember the details

    it was called responsible child bearing in the last days ..or words to that effect...

    that summer was also the height of 'frankie goes to hollywood'......and 'aids' was on the world map too....and everyone was wearing 'frankie says'....t-shirts...one of which was 'frankie says - wear a condom'...

    we re-worded it to ....freddie says

    and i did.....no children for me....idiot

  • kid-A

    Yes, definitely. Whenever one of the more "self-righteous" elder ass-kissy dub couples ended up pregnant, the excuse was invariably, OOPS! "Mixed my birth control with antibiotics" or "I guess those things must break sometimes".......not one of them would admit to wanting or planning children in order to keep up their "eyes on the prize" facade.

  • SloBoy

    Yeah, it is amazing how duplicity becomes a way of life for most dubs who just want to enjoy some of what this "worldly life" has to offer. One young couple got married, spouted all the standard 'Tower crap ( ' got married so we could pioneer together at Bethel, blah, blah, blah). When they turned up pregnant, same ol' " he wouldn't let me up" excuse. After their fifth child, it was like, uh " riiiiiiiiiight ".

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