What would make you jump on a couch?

by jojochan 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • kristyann

    Really??? Owen Wilson? He doesn't do it for me. But that's okay... more for you, I guess. What do you think of Apolo?

  • Mary

    Why-----being on the Oprah Winfrey Show of course!


  • misspeaches

    Hmm Owen Wilson. I have this thing about men with crooked noses. I know its weird but I think they have more character to their face and it makes them sooo handsome!

    Who is apolo?

    Oh and yes I think Tom Cruise is gorgeous too. Shame that hes crazy though.

  • kristyann

    Apolo Anton Ohno... he's a speed skater for the United States. I have adored him since Salt Lake City and now I had the thrill of a lifetime watching him in Torino (on my television, of course). He's gorgeous.

  • sf

    Memorable couch-jumping moment would be turning on the news and/ or opening the paper to see that a well-planned, strategic implosion level the book publishing corporation in New York known as the WTBTS, in realtime.

    A girl can dream, can't she?


  • purplesofa

    All my bills paid, house clean, car clean, yard mowed, all at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • misspeaches
    Apolo Anton Ohno... he's a speed skater for the United States

    Ah I see. No sorry his nose is too perfect….

  • misanthropic

    OMG this is a fluff thread? I've been avoiding it because I thought it was more of a "what would get you on a shrinks couch" kind of thought provoking thread.

    Well in that case I don't know, it would definitely have to be something extremely exciting and/or freightening!

  • misspeaches

    Come now misanthropic... if i'm posting in it it surely is a fluff thread. I just don't have the intellect for the shrinks couches threads... sigh.

  • delilah

    I'm afraid I was thinking along the same lines as Blondie.....SNAKES. They make my skin crawl....

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