Well I'm off the sauce as of tomorrow

by Steve Lowry 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Yep, been drinkin' twenty years now and I've finally had enough. I would apprecieate any words on encouragement, and if anyone has also had this problem and beat it, I'd like to hear your experience.


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    How many times have your sworn off drinking previously if I can ask?

  • stillajwexelder

    Well I wishyou luck - came off the cigarrettes 23 years ago and that was not easy - would not like to give up the sauce - I will pray for you

  • prophecor

    Wish you well in your journey. Have you considered at the very least, going to Alcoholics Anonymous? Socializing with a support group can be a real sense of encouragement. To be amongst those who are in the struggle, it could make your walk a lot easier.

  • misanthropic

    :: Yep, been drinkin' twenty years now and I've finally had enough.

    That is wonderful. I was in the hospital room with my aunt when she passed away due to liver failure at the young age of 46. I wish she had given it up before it was too late. *Edited to add the correct organ

  • ferret

    I quit smoking and drinking 25 years ago last july cold turkey, I could not quit one without quitting the other they seem to go hand in hand. Hard for first few weeks, but gets easier as time goes on.

  • sammielee24

    Sounds like a positive step - good luck! I think first the desire to change and then the support to help you over the rough spots are 2 of the most crucial points in the journey. I'm not sure how bad your problem is or even if you have one - but I do know that living with a substance abuser impacts the lives of all those in the family. It alters their lives and leaves them coping with issues that sometimes scar deeply and forever. sammieswife.

  • gumby

    It CAN be done Steve. I work at a place and one of the guys there was bad off. He drank a 5th of vodka a day sometimes and his life was in the shitter. He's been sober for over a year, has a stable job, a new truck, a nice place to live, and the respect of his family back for trying hard and pulling it off.

    Every boozer I know has problems bigger than others....if they booze enough. If you can't pull it off....try weed for a substitute and see if it help as it does for some.

    Good luck....you can do it!


  • crazyblondeb


    Did something happen for you to decide this? I've had several periods of sobriety. I just got out of rehab 3 weeks ago. Mainly for meth and diuladid. I had to leave where I was to make a clean break. So I'm stuck at my JW mom's for now. But I'm trying to do something for further help. My tx place was a joke.

    Would you consider AA/NA? The meetings really do help. When I quit going usually marks the beginning of the end. Talk to people! When you want to use, go to a meeting, pick up the phone, talk to anyone! Even if it's someone here on the board. Don't try and do it alone!

    blessed be-shelley

  • Gretchen956


    We come to this site for support in leaving the WTS, but we wouldn't go to an ex-Catholic group for that or ex Mormon. In leaving your addiction you really need support from those that feel you and have lived in your shoes. Please don't substitute one crutch for another one. For some smoking grass is not a problem, if they don't have an addictive personality, for others they feel that its just another chemical that keeps them out of their feelings.

    Please do seek out AA, my partner is involved and it has helped her so much. In fact, she has helped me a lot too, some of the principals are very helpful in recovering from JWism.



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