Well I'm off the sauce as of tomorrow

by Steve Lowry 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • JeffT

    You have a PM

    I went into rehab the end of last summer. I'm a firm believer in AA, find a group you like, it may take a while to find one where you fit in. I hope you live some place that has more than one. Get a sponsor and work the steps, it makes a difference.

    AA is not a cult, although it is spiritual in nature (note: not religious there is a big difference). For one thing it is next to impossible to get kicked out of AA. I've met a lot of really good people through AA, and they have helped me out tremendously.

    Best wishes too you.

  • bikerchic

    Good for you Steve!

    I'm glad to hear you are seeking a support group like AA, MSN Messenger has a online RECOVERY group meetings everyday link here: http://groups.msn.com/RECOVERYROOMGROUP

    So if ever you feel a need to talk you can find people there who are experts at not only listening but at holding you accountable.

    Good luck and happy trails! *slaps Gumby upside the head* whip,whip,SLAP!!

  • rebel8

    Steve, congratulations and good luck! You can do it! ((( )))

  • ballistic

    I wish you all the best Steve. I may not be the best person to encourage you because I cut down and still drink. I obviously did not have a serious problem or at least don't at the moment. The other 99% of heavy drinkers have to stop altogether on the basis that: One Drink : One Drunk. Periods of my life where I don't drink at all are certainly the most happy, productive and healthy, mentally and physically.

  • hamsterbait

    I was drinking a bottle of spirits a day when i called quits.

    But I can't see how indulging in criminal activity, (dope) and supporting a network of pushers murderors and smuggling is improving your situation. (Sorry Gumby!! OXO)

    Find something you love passionately that is more thrilling than sitting in a stupor. let yourself feel your feelings again. There are still times when I become tearful and moved by such little things, like hearing a baby laugh when his mother tickles him, or the first spring flowers.

    And yes - you will have relapses. Just do the hangover thing, pick yourself up and put it down as another experience you don' t want to repeat.


  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey steve, may the force be with you, truly, in however it turns out for you.

    my favorite part about reading hemingway is going for drinks with him in his books. sure, i like the adventures, but i always looked forward to the next drink with ol' ernest the most. perhaps i don't have the force in me.

    *raises hand in solidarity with gumbarijuana* - people use weed to help kick a heroin addiction. it'll help with booze.


  • gumby

    Steve.....how ya doin so far?


  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Good Luck man.

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