Beloved actor Don Knotts has died...

by TresHappy 13 Replies latest social entertainment

  • TresHappy

    Rest in peace Barney! What is your favorite Andy Griffith episode?

  • kls

    My son just called and told me I will miss him.

  • FlyingHighNow

    It's impossible to pick just one favorite episode with Barney. I think it was pretty awesome when Andy made Barney give Earnest T Bass, his depatee yooneeform, to stop Bass from breakin' windows all over town.

    I loved Don best in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, a wonderful matinee memory. " 'at a boyyyyy, Luther!!"

  • TresHappy

    Any time Andy had to deal with "The Darling Family" or Ernest T. Bass were my favorites...Barney was always there to say Earnest T. Bass was a NUT!

  • oldflame
    What is your favorite Andy Griffith episode?

    Every single one of them. I still watch the show daily. When barney left the show and Warren took over it was never the same. He was an awesome actor, and evrything he did all the family could enjoy. This was very sad for me too see... I will miss him. Gods speed Mr. Knotts.

  • IronClaw

    I loved him in Three's company.

  • rwagoner

    "ya gotta nip it....nip it in the bud I tell ya"


    He was one of my favorites!!! Andy always had to bail him out of the fixes he'd get himself in! It was a fun show for a lot of years!

    This is sad news!


  • atypical

    Referring to Ernest T. Bass: "He's a nut!"

    I love that guy. Here's to many childhood days watching reruns. Another part of my life gone and soon forgotten.

  • blondie

    It is lilke part of my childhood died. I still watch the re-runs.

    You got to nip it in the bud.
    Now here at the Rock we have two rules. Memorize them until you can say them in your sleep. Rule number one: obey all rules. Rule number two: no writing on the walls.


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