Hangover Cures

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  • RubaDub

    kid-A GATOR-ADE and LOTS of it !!!

    Not that I have ever let the weaknesses of the flesh allow me to consume alcohol in such excess, but .... ahhh ... I have had people tell me that the Gator-Ade thing really works. And yes, maybe 2 or 3 quarts (liter)s will help.

    I have also been told that a few extras hours sleep works well too.

    Others have told me that they have come up with interesting excuses for not going to work the next day.

    I have heard that others, especially if it's on the weekend, simply start the morning where they left off the night before and the headache seems to go away!

    I hope my gathing this information from the experiences of others has helped.

    Rub a Dub

  • collegegirl21

    how do you cure a hangover if you can't eat anything or take any pills without having them come back up?

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