Where are the Great Crowd in Rev. 7:15? Every JWs should read this.

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    But every good and teachable jw knows that the throne of god is really the wtbts

  • jwfacts

    Flash there are many theories as to whether we should be on earth or heaven, reincarnated etc. So I don't think a person can say anything is clear just because they have an unsupported theory.

    Mormons believe they were in heaven before being sent to earth, does that mean we should all be in heaven?

    Considering the sun will eventually run out of fuel, making the earth unlivable, and that the bible says there will be a new earth, I think it more logical to think we will not be here forever, and really have no idea what the future holds for the earth or people on it.

  • heathen

    I think peduan said it best , the book publishing corporation thinks it is the throne of God on earth.

    flash --- it is true that jesus said the meek will inherit the earth but the question is will heaven be on earth at the time and I think the answer is clear in revelation that it is .

  • Narkissos
    jesus said the meek will inherit the earth

    And the WT applies that primarily... to the "anointed". Cf. Watchtower 8/1, 1959:


    Jesus said, as recorded at Matthew 5:5, "Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth," of whom was he speaking?—H. S., U.S.A.

    Jesus here applied the expression "mild-tempered" or "meek" to his disciples of that time who were in line for the heavenly kingdom. He was the chief meek one among them and their example. Hebrews 1:1, 2 and 2:5, 6 show that Jesus inherits the earth or takes over the possession of it. His disciples were made his joint heirs in the Kingdom and enter into this inheritance or possession of the earth with him. Hence Matthew 5:5 does not strictly apply to the "other sheep." However, it has been quoted in connection with them and properly so because they must be meek or mild-tempered ones in imitation of Jesus Christ, and it is only because of being such that they will be allowed to live on the earth in the new world. They do not take over possession of the earth any more than Adam did in the garden of Eden, but Matthew 5:5 can nevertheless be given a general application in that they hold the earth in trust for the chief Heir, the Lord Jesus Christ. To this extent they enter into an inheritance. They enjoy the realm of the King. As Jesus said in the parable of the sheep and goats: "Come, you who have my Father’s blessing, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the world’s foundation." (Matt. 25:34) So it is not wrong to use this scripture in a general sense in speaking of the blessings that await the "other sheep" in the new world.

  • Desino

    I can't see how heaven can come down on earth, there are physical limitations to consider.

    It could be a period of 1000 years in heaven. Then after that humans could come down on earth to live. I think many need spiritual guidance directly from God.

    I am certain that God can add more fuel to the sun.

  • heathen

    say I'm pretty sure they changed that in the greatest man book even . I'll look for it . I never knew they said that . It is confusing tho that since the kingdom of heaven is on earth you would inherit both . IMO

  • Shazard

    Desion, atleast you are honest, that you can't see something :)

  • heathen

    Desino --- exactly what physical limitations are you talking about ? I think the WTBTS calculated that the city of new jerusalem is only about 1380 square miles in diameter and would reach 360 miles into outer space should it land on earth tho they say it won't for some stupid reason .

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    Jon Mitchell a former secretary of the governing body discovered the correct interpretation of the verses.

    I would disagree, having been through the great tribulation

  • tmo1965
    Easy He moves His throne to the earth.

    God will move His throne to earth, but only after the 1000 year reign of Christ.

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