Elder's KM School notes and apostates

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  • juni

    Didn't they clarify this at last week's Sunday talk about apostasy?

  • blondie

    That's the problem; every congregation BOE has it's own interpretation...the unwritten rules of cult control.

  • juni


    You are right Blondie. It does depend on the cong. But I thought maybe w/the outline for the talk coming from the Society there would be some harmony of info.

    I really don't think it matters anyway as depending on each cong.'s personality they'll be harsh or not.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Reminds me of 12 Days Of The Condor, when Robert Redford says something like,"Maybe there is another CIA . . . inside the CIA."

    I forgot who, but someone above said,"Over the years, I have heard some comments that range from the bizarre to the ridiculous."

    At the Kingdom Hall, or an elders' meeting? No Way!!! HehHeh.

  • Woodsman

    What Sunday talk on apostacy? Was this worldwide?

  • cyberguy

    When I was still in the JW-club about 6 years ago, we had an elders school where we were instructed to ask 1 of 3 questions to those who no longer attended meetings. One of the questions was “do you still consider yourself one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?” Depending on how the person answered, we were instructed to make an announcement that so-and-so is no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses if they said “no”.

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    This is an interesting thread. My wife and I disassociated a few years ago after witnessing to some car groups of JWs in our neighborhood. Previous to that we had never had a visit from any elder after we drifted away quietly. My family is mostly JW and none of them shun us (though they do live a couple hours drive away). My sis even calls me 'Baptist Rex', as they know I am a born-again believer who preaches on occasion. They also know that we are involved in evangelism and singing.
    I don't push my convictions on them anymore but concentrate on just being loving to all. I wonder if they are just 'worldly JWs' to the others? We have a couple of siblings who are disfellowshipped and they are not shunned either. I feel that the Lord is blessing us in this way for some reason. I know so many who are treated brutally by the 'dubs.
    BTW, would you believe that the P.O. of our old congo took our DA letter with no official hearing? It was a private meeting and we have not had a JW visit our house in service. We have also not had any attempt to contact us by the elders.

  • Alfred

    Since we've been hearing a lot about the mentally-diseased article lately, I thought I'd bump this old thread and ask this question...

    Is it still a generally accepted rule of thumb in the borg that "faders" are basically on the same train to Shuns-Ville as apostates and those who have dissasociated themselves?

    I've been out for over a year now and just want to know where I might stand since I was recently ignored by an elder after saying hello to him (and my exit was a clean fade... I think)...


    (will re-start a thread on this subject if need be)

  • ScenicViewer

    atypical posted a quote under the heading,

    Do you shun former members?

    Where is the quote taken from? I searched the Wt index and couldn't find it.

    The provided link no longer works.

  • erbie

    Well, in truth, it definately seems as though this is the general rule of practice now. I left about seven years ago and for a while they were still interested in me. Now, however, they do not want to have anything to do with any of us. There are a lot of us in the locality who have left and it is the same for all of us.

    My guess is that by making a concious decision to leave or become inactive we have displayed behaviour that they deem to be tantamount to apostasy.

    While we are on the subject of apostasy, it litterally means 'renunciation of one's religious faith or one's principles or party etc.'.

    Well, it's just a label. Personally, I believe that from a Christian, or Biblical perspective, The Watchtower Organization are apostate. They overwrite the scriptures with false man-made teachings which instantly disqualifies them from being God's ministers.

    I do know the bible well and in the past have studied it to the point of absurdity. I no longer regard myself as religious but do retain a modest interest in it.

    By the way, about ten years ago I did work out a full proof way of disproving their 144,000 teaching by using the cross references in the NWT (it works against them). Nobody, not anybody was able to answer me. They were just dumbfounded I think.

    Anyway, I will dust off my old Bible and try to refigure it. When I do I will post it here.

    The only answer I ever got from a senior Witness was 'my, you do look at things deeply don't you'.

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