Kingdom Halls and the no windows thing...

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  • jgnat

    The newest hall in our neighborhood has windows but they are high up to let in light.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It helps keep no distractions, they want you only to focus on the "life saving" material.

  • Berean

    No windows because it takes time to put in a window on a quick-build and cost more dollars. Saves on insurance - that is provided through the Society. A minor reason is that nobody needs to be looking outside during a meeting.

    Saying that it is to prevent people from seeing what is going on inside is obtuse. They invite people to all 5 general meetings in door-to-door work all the time. If it was secret, they wouldn't invite the public to the meetings.

    Everyone should go - reasonable, thinking people won't go back.

    The whole idea for "no windows" is to save money that could go to the "Mother", plain and simple.

  • Finally-Free

    Many of the halls here have windows, but some don't. A new one was recently built a few blocks from me and it has windows. They're covered though. But most churches here have few, if any, windows. I don't think the kingdom halls are unique in this respect.



    Our hall is full of windows as are several in my area. It depends on the body of elders and if the RBC approves their ideas or not.

  • Clam

    I sometimes used to wish we didn't have windows. Sometimes a group of young guys would walk past, especially if we we're singing one of our dirges, and point and laugh. Sometimes they would also make gestures which implied that we were masturbators.

    Welcome to the board O Texan.

  • ColdRedRain

    For better resale value. A certian friend of mine (Who I will not mention on this board) told me that the reason why there are no windows on a KH is because the Kingdom Halls could be resold as office buildings or churches without having their value affected due to an inconveinent window.

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