Kingdom Halls and the no windows thing...

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  • GoingGoingGone

    I lived in a town where the KH had windows. Vandals threw a brick thru the big front window over, and over, and over again. Every time it had to be replaced. And every time the congregation had to pay the insurance deductable.

    They finally installed a video camera, which didn't work because the vandals just broke the window when it was dark anyway, and didn't show up on the video tape clearly enough to be seen. The problem was finally stopped by neighbors who lived next door to the KH and didn't like vandals hanging around all the time, police coming by all the time, etc. They staked the place out and caught the kids who were doing it.

    When they sold that KH and built a new one, it had no windows.


  • Cellist

    Hi Observing Texan. Welcome.

    The old KH here used to have it's windows broken regularly. The new KH doesn't have windows. So, the vandals just spray painted obscene words across the new white stucco.

    Most of the older KHs I've been to have some sort of windows. Like Blondie said, they were needed for ventilation.


  • ferret

    The kingdom hall I attended was built in 1956 with windows. They were often broken so they just bricked them in, and then later sold it to a Catholic church. After which they bought another church for their kingdom hall.

    Oh by the way welcome to the forum. OT

  • ObservingTexan

    Wow......11 or so posts in 2 hours. You folks are on the ball. Thanks. Poztate... I enjoyed your post! Especially the fire bombing comment. LOL! After reading many, many posts by untold numbers over the last month or so I can understand why someone would might enjoy tossing a brick or 2 at their local KH.

    I thank God I have never set foot in a KH. I was thinking, though, about making a poster and placing it across the street in an empty lot in front of the KH. It would read something like.......






    I'm certain that might tick off a few of them............

  • CountryGuy
    I'm certain that might tick off a few of them............

    Hmmmm.... sounds like someting an apostate would do, but technically, since you were never a JW, you aren't. I think somehow, on some level, that alone would burn them up.

    The KH I went to had no windows at all, but they just built a new one and it has a big picture window that actually looks into the auditorium. I was very surprised.

    Welcome to the board OT!


  • skeeter1

    It's for when the US Government shuts them down (like Waco-style) in the Final Big A. They will all hide inside, and be safe as there are no windows.


  • Legolas

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    Hi observing Texan, welcome to the forum!

  • ackack

    The kingdom hall nearest to me (which is a double hall) is a storefront hall, second and third floor. It has all sorts of windows.

    Then again, thinking back to my old hall, it had tiny little windows on the foyer, and I recall those windows getting shot up by bb guns. (and other guns too) It was in a more isolated place. Probably the isolation of the hall has the most to do with it.


  • tassie

    welcome from a newby. the answer is cost and protection. i actually helped build 2 JW cult churches and i know the reasoning. welcome tassie

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